Sunday 9 December 2018, 23:56 GMT

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Nikki Mills

All about Nikki ...

Favourite bands/artists

This is a hard one as I have many favourites. Some of these are, Jason Derulo, Pixie Lott, Bruno Mars, N-dubz, Katy Perry, thebandwithnoname, LZ7, plus many more!

Favourite singles/tracks

I love Pass Out by Tinie Tempah and I always sing along to In My Head by Jason Derulo.

Favourite albums

The Best of Thebandwithnoname. They are a Christian band and I love all the songs on the album.

Favourite books

I mainly read magazines, usually what ever catches my eye when walking past the magazine section.

Favourite TV and films

TV: The Inbetweeners, This is England '86, Big Brother, Come Dine With Me.

Films: The Twilight Saga, The Lion King, Fantastic Four, Step Up, She's the Man, Dear John, The Time Travellers Wife.

One other thing I love

Going out with friends and having a good laugh! I also love going to new places and visiting places I don't often get the chance to visit.

One thing I really hate

When I'm walking down the street and a group of people take up the whole pavement and don't move out of the way, so you can't get past. Or when I'm walking and someone comes out of a shop and you nearly bump into them. I probably do it all the time without realising though!

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