Thursday 24 September 2020, 10:29 GMT

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Movies!!! whats out and about this week 8th Feb

Hello Phoenixers!


"Spider-Man" actress Kirsten Dunst has reportedly checked herself into rehab at the Cirque Lodge Clinic in Sundance, Utah. Still unknown why the young actress has checked in, her admission into the clinic follows what many have called a week of heavy partying at the Sundance Film Festival in nearby Park City. Kirsten was seen acting erratic and upset when entering the lodge. A unknown source says "She seemed to be intoxicated when she checked in because she was acting really erratic. She was extremely emotional, constantly breaking down in tears," hopefully the young actress wont be in there long and hopefully makes a full recovery from whatever problem she seems to be having.


yep, thats what i thought, it only seems that it came out a not so long ago but, its actually been 10 years since it came out. Absolutely jaw dropping, which also made me think of where that time has gone. So since im wondering where it all went, ive decided to see what over films are 10 years old this year...


If anyone hates this pig, then hang your head in shame... this pig is a legend. Babe: Pig in the City takes off from the last film where Babe wins a sheepdog competition.  Farmer Arthur Hoggett turns down all offers to make money with Babe's talents. But when he gets hurt in the well, his wife has to take up farming. She does her best but cannot meet the bank's demands, which results in needing help from Babe. Soon, Mrs. Hoggett is sitting in a plane headed for "the" city. There, Babe unwillingly causes deep trouble. He has to stay with Mrs. Hoggett in the only hotel in town that accepts pets. Friendly neighbours send officials who catch all animals from the hotel: Cats, dogs, chimpanzees and many others. Babe, who managed to stay free, decides to help his new friends and gets unexpected help - not only by Ferdinand (a duck), who flew all the way to the city.


During WWII, General Marshall is informed that three of a woman's sons have been killed and that she's going to receive the notifications of their demise at the same time. And when he learns that a fourth son is still unaccounted for, the General decides to send a unit to find him and bring him back, despite being told that it's unlikely that he is still alive and the area that he was known to be at is very very dangerous. So the unit consisting of 8 men are sent to find him but as stated it's very dangerous and one by one, each of them are being picked off.



In this movie, Jim Carrey is Truman, a man whose life is a fake one... The place he lives is in fact a big studio with hidden cameras everywhere, and all his friends and people around him, are actors who play their roles in the most popular tv-series in the world: The Truman Show. Truman thinks that he is an ordinary man with an ordinary life and has no idea about how he is exploited. Until one day... he finds out everything.




Juno is a teen facing an unplanned pregnancy by her classmate Bleeker with the help of her best friend Leah, Juno finds her unborn child a “perfect” set of parents: an affluent suburban couple, Mark and Vanessa ,longing to adopt. Though she faces some tough decisions, Juno flirts with adulthood and ultimately figures out where she belongs.


Artic Tale.

Definatley, Maybe.

National Treasure: Book Of Secrets.

The Ugly Duckling and Me.


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