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Monday 28th April

Monday 28th April 2008

So on Sunday (27/04) I went down to Victoria Park in London for the 'Love Music, Hate Racism' Festival with Steve Mead ' Phoenix FM', his wife and his little brother Willz to check out what was going down.

Despite the rain it was a rather splendid day apart from the fact we had to queue up twice..let me explain.

After being patted down and let in we went to find the press office which was at the side of the main stage. Now the steward at the entrance of the stage let us through to the backstage area to go sort everything problem. Press passes sorted problem. Then this over enthuastic female steward wouldnt let myself and Willz go back the way we came cause we didnt have passes ourselves. We argued the fact that we came in that way so what is the problem of us just being escorted back out the way we came in....NO....we had to walk the length of Victoria Park...queue up 'again'...get patted down 'again' .. feel nervous round the Police 'again' and waste twenty minutes doing so. We also missed 'The View' who where on mainstage at the time. Thanks a lot to that woman, hope you got extra ketchup on your free burger at the end of the day.

Artist included in the lineup were - Hard Fi, The View, Roll Deep, Jay Sean and The Thirst who were a little excited at seeing Hard Fi. Now Hard-Fi are one of them bands who I can take or leave. Their first album 'Stars of CCTV' was super fantastic, but as with a number of artist couldnt follow it up (in my opinion) with there second record 'Once Upon A Time in The West'. Now props to all the bands for giving there time up for free, but please organisers, SACK the sound man. The boys from Hard-Fi might of persuaded me to like there new stuff if I could of actually heard them. The best bit of their 6-7 song set was when he got out his piano-mouth-thingy (as I put it) for the beginning of 'Cash Machine'. They also started off acoustically which was 'interesting'


The highlight of the day was definately Drew McConnell from Babyshambles stepping up to the plate while his bandmate Pete Doherty gets boiled cabbage in Wormwood Scrubs. He was joined on stage by loads of people including - Jimmy Pursey (Sham 69), Poly Styrene (X Ray Spex), John McClure (Reverend and the Makers), Fyfe (Guillemots), Ed Larrikin, Shingai/Jamie/Dan (Noisettes). Very entertaining and if Pete never comes out.....they have a great replacement in Drew.

Okay on to my Monday Show

Well I carried on my 'School Report' feature this week after reading mine out last week. A different Phoenix FM presenter this week (whom I shall not name until Friday) and today focused on the subject of 'English'.

To listen again click here

As well as some local events, I spoke of the upcoming 'Summer Chillout' run by Brentwood Council which will take place from 28th July - 22nd August all taking place in central Brentwood.

Also entertainment news today we found out 'the hair' Tina Turner is to make a comeback, Billie Piper wants her ex-husband to be her 'not confirmed' babys Godfather (strange...yes), and a  record company's putting its entire collection online for free. All Sony BMG artists will be on We7 (pron WEE-SEVEN) dot com. It's hoped it'll help in the battle against illegal downloads. Lastly Calvin Harris has revealed he's been working with rapper Dizzee Rascal.The Scottish dance producer's teamed up with the twenty-three year old for a single called Dance For Me, set to hit shops in July, which was my swan song for today.

On tommorows show we will have be looking at the subject of 'Mathematics' in the School Report. Also I will be talking to Tomaso De Cesare from The Province of Rimini about Rimini & and the Forli-Cesena region which is now becoming the must-go destination for British holiday makers. Why? I dont know, but thats 'Eat My Lunch' tommorow on Phoenix 98FM.


(All opinions are those of Bryan Powis & Bryan Powis Only...Thankyou)

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