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Body Talk -6th May

My guest this evening was Mr Anill Vohra, Consultant at Sire Hartswood Hospital. His specialist area is Urology and tonight we spoke about the problems with prostate.

Prostate problems seem to be on the increase, but by raising public awareness the fatality rate of this condition could be significantly lowered. Prostate cancer is the biggest killer of men in the UK.

You can tell if you've got prostate problems by noticing changes in the way you urinate. If the gland is swollen then it may be very difficult and take longer than usual, or alternatively you might need to keep going more frequently due to increased pressure on the bladder. there isn't normally any pain associated with it. If you notice anything different or unusual then get it checked out. Caught in the early stages, it may just need a simple course of treatment and a few changes in lifestyle, and the problem is solved.

Mr Vohra said that the causes of prostate problems are unknown, although it can be genetic or due to varioius dietary and lifestyle issues. Exercise regularly and eat healthily. Keep off the caffeine and drink plenty of water.

Should there be a cancerous growth, then the latest laser technology will make the removal as easy and pain free as possible. Mr Vohra told us that he had operated on an 80 year old man and within 24 hours he was out of hospital and getting back to normal. There is now no need to go under the knife with the amazing advances in this area. An operation that would have laid you out for weeks is now a simple day case.

For more information  on this topic, contact me at Phoenix 98fm.


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