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Kylie ....... 40 ....... I should be so lucky!!!!!!!

Sunday 1st June 2008


It had been a busy week. It started at St Stephens fun day where though the weather was rubbish everyone seemed to have a good time!! On Tuesday Kylie was 40 ………… in the words of the erstwhile Jack Palance ……Huhhhhh, Huhhhhh, Huhhhhhh , Believe it or Not!!!!!!.you would have had to see the re runs of Dynasty and Dallas to fully appreciate that one.  Anyway we featured Kylie through the programme this morning. The songs were;


                        Tears On My Pillow

                        Love is the drug

                        Two Hearts

                        I’m Spinning round

                        I could be so lucky


Happy Birthday Kylie!!!!!!!!!!!


At 7.30

We did essential classics….. This week we featured Gustav Holst the Planets particularly Mars …..( memories of War of the Worlds !!!!) and since it’s first performance on October 10 1918 ( during World War One) it has become the most  performed composition by an English Composer. (Holst obviously being the Beatles Yesterday equivalent of his day!!!)


Star Trek V1: The Undiscovered Country’s score was inspired by the sound of the Planets

John Williams score to Star Wars is very similar to parts of The Planets in many places. In particular, the scenes in which the Millenium Falcon is pulled into the Death Star by tractor beam, and near the end of the film when the Rebel Alliance flee the impending explosion of the Death Star, music is featured which bears striking resemblance to strains from "Mars."

Holst was an English Composer and a music teacher for nearly 20 years and lived from September 1874 to May 1934.

Between 8 and 9 I featured the local (weekly) papers and at 8.30 I incorporated



The Golden Year


This week the Tunes were


                        Only Crying                           Keith Marshall

                        Will You                              Hazel O’Connor

                        Woman                                     John Lennon


With random clues ……………


January 20 Ronald Regan succeeded Jimmy Carter becoming the 40th President of the United States.


February  Rupert Murdoch bought The Times and The Sunday Times for £12 million.


August and MTV (Music Television) is launched on cable television in the United States


And in March the first London Marathon starts with 7,500 runners.


And The Year ……. ….. ….. …. Was it the 70’s ……….80’s or ……….90’s…….


Yes you got it ,  it was……….



















Later at 9am I did Musical Changing Rooms which this week featured ………..


                        Simply Red                              Sunrise



                        I can’t go or that                                  Hall and Oates


Which apart from a SHOCK of Red hair were particularly indistinguishable and therefore the Reds (Ronaldo)  need to pay the Royalties.



We didn’t mention my latest venture the TOP 20 SHOW on July 19th where I’m doing U2. YOU can vote on www.phoenixfm .com and if you would like a request or dedication for your loved one (I see fathers day’s coming up!!!!) with your boiled egg or rashers on Sunday , e-mail me at this is also simple.just go to and click on contact us.


If I can do it ANYBODY CAN!!!!!!!!!!


Look forward to seeing you this Sunday 7 to 10 am


Auf Widersehen !!!!!!!





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