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Body Talk - 17th June

My guest this evening was another excellent Spire Hartswood Consultant: Mr Maged Abdelkader, who is an ear, nose and throat surgeon.

We began by talking about the very common problem of nose bleeds, and dispelling some popular misconceptions. If you have a nose bleed, pinch the bottom of the nose at the fleshy bit, to stop the blood flow. I had been taught to pinch the top of the nose, but this, apparently has little or no effect. Similarly, putting a cold compress or the traditional bag of frozen peas at the back of the neck does little to ease it. If nose bleeds persist, then consult your doctor.

Hay fever is a common problem at this time of year, and there are many over the counter remedies which will ease the problem, but for really serious attacks it is always best to consult your doctor, who will be able to give you a course of tablets to stave off those summer sneezes.

Mr Abdelkader also sees a lot of children with the condition known as glue ear. This can be a huge problem if left untreated. Children can often seem to have learning difficulties as a result of not being able to hear properly. There is a relatively simple solution to this problem, involving the insertion of grommits into the ear. A simple operation which can have life changing results.

If you have any questions about these or any other conditions connected with ENT, Mr Abdelkader would be happy to answer them. He is based at Spire Hartswood, or you can contact me at Phoenix98fm.

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