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Taylor Swift, Little Jackie, Ava Leigh..............Love It!!!!!!

Sunday  July 27th 2008

Souled out I was again today ...having sweated in my white socks over Soul Inspired on Saturday evening......I had a little trouble this morning with the easy the date for a start and then pressing the wrong (or indeed forgetting to press the right) button. Now some presenters may class this as a ‘technical difficulty’ but to me it’s the failure of the operation of the right index finger. This should be on high alert at all times and should be coupled to an engaged brain otherwise disaster lurks behind every door.

I started with Annie who sang I know your Girlfriend Hates Me and following a short rant about rush hour in Shenfield last Thursday introduced my featured artist for this morning. This was Taylor Swift who’s a Country Singer.....quite big in America. She has now released Taylor Swift (European Release) frankly I don’t understand the title unless for tax purposes she needs to separate her US and European income and therefore is thinking ahead in this age of barcodes and computers.....blackberries....strawberries??? and even i things!!! 


Any way the Taylor Swift Tracks featured were


                                                Our  Song

                                                Picture To Burn

                                                Teardrops on my Guitar

                                                Tim McGraw

Listening to her lyrics....lets say she does not suffer fools!


                Sam Sparrow                                     21st Century Life


7.30 Saw another instalment of Lounge Lizards and Featured


                                Frank Sinatra                                                      Chicago

                                Andy Williams                                                    Music To Watch Girls By


The Frank Sinatra song reminded me of firstly one of last weeks breakfast recommended websites. This was where you delve into magazines and newspapers from around the world. This I’d done however recognising that it was Sunday morning and that means you’re having your breakfast and not wanting to upset that routine i felt it best to share the story about Doctor Fish being used in the art of pedicure in the US....early. I did and you can read the full story at and go to the Chicago Tribune.


                                Sandi Thom                                        Devils Beat

                                Gabrielle Cilmi                                   Sweet About Me

                                The Editors                                         Munich

                                Gorillaz                                                 Dirty Harry


8.00 to 9.00 I reviewed the local weekly newspapers. Stories featured this week were


                                Travellers                            Why every resident must have their say

                                Alcohol Admissions Soar

                                Knife Crime Crackdown

                                Citizens Panel

                                Small Business Tax Rate Relief

                                Youth Groups Opportunity to apply for Grants

                                Secret Talks on Fuel Plant

                                Ex Mayor in Standards Row




                                I really want you                               James Blunt

                                Starlight                                               Supermen Lovers


Then........If Breakfast had a record of the week it would probably be the..........Having spent weeks trying to get my hands on Little Jackie’s track The World Should Revolve Around Me from her Album The Stoop.....It turned up in our A list this week........I did resist the urge to play it week???


                                Paul Weller                                                         All I want to do is be

                                                                                                            with you

                                Me  First and the Gimme Gimmes                     Different Drum

                                Be My Baby                                                        The Ronettes


8.30 Essential was as many a low cost airline arrival slightly delayed due to the non arrival at the correct gate of the right index finger! It got going at twenty five to nine and this week was entitled Essential Irish Showbands. It featured Joe Dolan singing  You’re Such a good Looking Woman. Sadly Joe died 26 November 2007 but if you want to see how he looked and see a video of this song it’s ,like so much stuff these days ,on YouTube!


                                Viva La Vida                                                        Coldplay

                                Mad About the Boy                                        Ava other contender for ROTW a                                                                                                        and out to by July 28th

                                                She’s The One                                                   Robbie Williams


9.00 In its’ (relatively) New Home saw The Golden Year. Tunes Were


                                Badge                                                                   Cream

                                Where Do You Go to My Lovely                 Peter Sarsted

                                In The Ghetto                                                    Elvis


                Random Clues


                                July 31 - The halfpenny ceases to be legal tender in the

January 1 - Australian media baron Rupert Murdoch  purchases the largest selling British Sunday newspaper The News of the World.

July 20 - Project Apollo: The Eagle lands on the lunar surface. The world watches in awe as Neil Armstrong takes his historic first steps on the moon.



                And The Year Of Course Was 1969


5 Years Time                                       Noah & the Whale

Baby I Love You                                                The Ramones


I reviewed the national papers at 9.30 then set it up for Andrew at 10 o’clock


                                McFly, The Feeling ,Sarah Barellis, Cliona etc played us out........Keep up the fit club from last week and kill the big C. See you only this Sunday....take care .....
























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