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Do you know your Abba from your Elbow??........Mercury Rising!

Sunday 14th September 2008

It started badly........the everywhere....I only wanted milk for my tea! All of which was before my arrival at Phoenix Towers which was initially uneventful. However you know when you have one of those feelings of impending me Hetty Wainthrop but today was the day.......i guess this is starting to sound like a badly drawn soap opera and actually apart from me being slightly confused early was 7am after all!!! the only disaster was stickam was down.....ho hum.

Having got a short opportunity to watch TV during the week I had detemined that the Mercury Music Prize Winner was a Band/Group/ Bunch of People called ELBOW......worth the license fee just for that.........?

Anyway having downloaded their winning work I featured the songs

  An audience with the Pope
  Weather to Fly
  The Bones Of You

The winning tome of course is called The Seldom Seen Kid and whilst it has probably sold less than a Wall Street trader this week it's probably done well so watch the Album Charts!

One of the musical highlights of the first half hour went completely unannounced....a precurser of the (unintentionally) clutter free approach to Sunday Breakfast today...that accolade being taken up purely by the space between my ears!!!!..The Highlight...England Dan and John Ford Coley from 1976 and I'd Really Love to see You Tonight!

7.30 brought a Matt Munroe Fest with him smooth talking/singing himself into the Sunday Breakfast record Copy Book as the first artist to have two songs featured on Lounge Lizards on the same day..........

 The Songs were
  Walk Away
  On Days Like These

8.00 - 9.00 saw the review of the local papers such as were avaliable.......Total Essex gone again and no Yellow advertiser.....maybe it's just me.......but I do live in the area and if I don't get you? ........anyway I delved into those papers which were available through this hour.

At 8.30 I did I featured Girls in Space.........These tracks being

  Spacer              Sheila (B Devotion) I remember her being called......well somebody told me or I   read        it somewhere ....apparently now she's just called Sheila.....nothing to do with Ready for the
    World as far as I can tell.....But has she emigrated to!!!!
    For More see here

  I Lost My Heart to a Starship Trooper Sarah Brightman and Hot Gossip.      

  Sarah since married Andrew Lloyd Webber and has made a career in what some would call 'proper singing'    Hot Gossip on the  other hand conspired to set pulses racing and complaints pouring in on the late Kenny   Everetts television show.......if this is completely lost on you see this link

Anyway all of this edged me to 9am....when I lost the not The Man  Who.....No the Clues for the Golden Year so you heard the shampoo music then........

  Cilla Black   I've been wrong before
  Barry McGuire   Eve of Destruction
  Beatles    Ticket to Ride

Random Clues ....eventually.....were

  February 6 - Sir Stanley Matthews plays his final First Division game, at the record age of 50 years            and  5    days

  March 21 - Martin Luther King, Jr. leads 3,200 Civil rights activists in the third march from Selma, Alabama to  the capitol in Montgomery.

  August 1 - Cigarette advertising is banned on British television.

  December 22 - A 70 mph speed limit is imposed on British roads.

And The Year...............?

Oh Yeah That Was


   1                    9              6               5


My day ended with a particularly stressful encounter with a low cost airline.....some of the problem being I booked the wrong flight....I survived , however and am now three flights later...sitting in Stuttgart as I write. This tends to suggest that I wont be there on Sunday morning but never fear Brian Wesley will be along........I'm back on Sunday 28th September....If I don't fall victim to the credit crunch , a passing bus or indeed develop a liking for lederhosen and weissbeer an decide to defect permanently to Germany.....I guess the fact that I can't speak the language and although I'm Irish I have strangely  an almost pathalogical hatred of cabbage might cause me to fail the immigration 'Hundred Reasons Why I Wish To Enter Germany' questionaire. Therefore you can lay odds that I'll be there 7am Sunday Week on Sunday Breakfast on Phoenixfm......If you've any comments or want me to dedicate a record or want to come in and talk about any suject at all....e-mail me on

'Til next week




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