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Have Yourself a Golden Little Christmas

Sunday November 16th 2008


Quiet day today as I started a bit tired having gone round the M25 about three times this week and racked up enough airmiles to put the CEO of any low cost airline to shame....except I have to sit in the seat and get banged down onto the runway....alllegedly early.....10 minutes....but when it takes a further Herculean trek of 20 minutes and a passport queue just to confirm what you know already....I'm not an this really early....don't get me started!...At least I didn't have to wait for baggage.... to me this seems to work on the same principle as many department stores which is to say if you have to get punters to the third floor for example there is an escalator but , once you've made your purchase the only way back down is the!!!!!


The intention from the beginning today was to play a selection of Christmas Nr 1's. What ..........????.......I didn't tell you was that this was Radio Sudoku and it was up to you to spot them....well....did you?



They Were


Michael Andrews Feat Gary Jules                            Mad World

Michael Jackson                                                     Earthsong

Dave Edmunds                                                       I hear you Knockin'

Beatles                                                                  I Feel Fine


Maybe next week I'll play some proper Christmas Tracks.......go on Dare Me!!

Don’t forget to vote for Christmas No 1s at which Lloyd Bonson will be playing on the 20th December between 10 and midnight.




Jools Holland Featuring Ruby Turner                    The Informer

Crowded House                                                  Take the Weather

Daniel Pewter                                                     Last Plane Home


For lounge lizards this week we moved the scene forward almost five years to when archaeologists have discovered that man had evolved into a walking Brylcream held Quiff whilst women lived with Bee Hives on their heads.....the 1950's. The tracks were


Lounge Lizards


Ruth Brown                                                          5-10-15 Hours

Hank Ballard & The Midnighters                           Annie had a Baby


Coldplay                                                                     Lost

Aleisha Dixon                                                             The boy does nothing

Turin Breaks                                                               Painkiller


Apart from multitudinous events throughout the programme the local papers were on the cards between 8 and 9.


This weeks Headlines


Yellow Advertiser                                                     Remember

Essex Enquirer                                                       Services Sell Off

Brentwood Weekly News                                         Green Light On High Street Works

Billericay and Wickford Gazette                                Remembrance Service Fiasco

Brentwood Gazette                                                  Paeodophile Sir Is Freed



Killers                                                                         Human

Superman Lovers                                                         Starlight

AC/DC                                                                        Rock and Roll Train



This week at 8.30 we did




Guru Josh                                                              Infinity

Guru Josh Project                                                   Infinity 2008


Guru Josh was a performer of the early 1990s British acid house music scene. His most successful release was the 1989 single, Infinity (1990s…Time for the Guru) (UK #5, Ger #2).

Guru Josh was an alias for Paul Walden, who began his career as an entertainer and keyboard player at the Sands nightclub Jersey, performing under the name of Syndrone and Animal.

In 2008, the single "Infinity 2008" was released, remixed by the German DJ "DJ Klaas" from the original of 1989. The single has so far peaked at #1 on the Dutch and French Singles Chart, and #3 in the UK.


Gabriela Cilmi                                                         Sanctuary

Maroon 5                                                                She will be loved

Nelly Furtado feat Justin Timberlake                          Promiscuous Girl



Golden Year


Having spent much of Saturday trying to choose music for the Golden Year I realised that I had to play at least five tracks today. These were                                                                         

Motors                                                                   Airport

Darts                                                                     The Boy From New York City

Earth Wind and Fire                                                Fantasy

Kate Bush                                                              Wuthering Heights

Bee Gees                                                               Stayin Alive


Random clues were


April 10 - Volkswagen becomes the first non-American automobile manufacturer to open a plant in the United States, commencing production of the Rabbit,

the North American version of the Volkswagen Golf, in New Stanton, Pennsylvania with a unionized (UAW) workforce. (The plant will close in 1992.)


June 19 - Cricketer Ian Botham becomes the first man in the history of the game to score a century and take eight wickets in one innings of a Test match.


April 8 - Regular radio broadcasts of British Parliament proceedings start


June 19 - Garfield, which eventually becomes the world's most widely syndicated comic strip, makes its debut.




And The Year Was





















1                    9                  7               8




Girls Aloud                                                                  The Promise

Johnny Cash                                                               Gods Gonna Cut You Down

Delta Goodrem                                                            Not Me Not I

Snow Patrol                                                                Take Back the City

Inaya Day                                                                   Nasty Girl




Anyway whether you boil , fry, scramble, there, what is it, a verb to omelette? anyway your eggs I'll be back Sunday Morning from 7 to 10. Hope you can join me ,text me e-mail me or just shout......see you soon.





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