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Body Talk - 24th November

My guest this evening was our very own Andrew Babicz, presenter of the Sunday morning show Sunday Best. He was here to talk to us about his amazing cancer journey.

Andrew was diagnosed with oesophigial cancer about a year ago. He had been aware that he was at risk for many years and had been having regular check ups, but each time had the all clear. Then came the awful news that this time it was for real. Andrew said that he was in shock initially, but kept positive and knew that he had to deal with it and it would be ok.

In the weeks after his diagnosis he went through many different tests to establish whether the cancer was isolated to this spot or if it had travelled. The good news was that it hadn't spread. One month later he was operated on and the cancer was removed.

He was full of praise for the excellent medical team that helped him through. His surgeon was Mr. Khoo, who was on the show in August talking about gall stones. His other specialist area is oesophagial cancer which, as he explained is becoming more common. Reasons for this could be connected to poor diet and alcohol consumption. (Andrew admits that he had tended to be a little overweight.) It was this show that prompted Andrew to come and tell us his story, as living proof that you can overcome cancer and get your life back.

So, now three stone lighter and determined to look after his health, Andrew's message to anyone out there who suspects that they might have a problem, is to go and get it looked at. The earlier it is caught, the easier it is to deal with. His symptoms were acid reflux. If you get this after a heavy night out, then it probably isn't cause for concern, but if it is continual it should be checked out.

Andrew is a firm believer that positive thinking helped him on his journey. He read a lot on the internet about his condition, not all of it useful as some of it was out of date.He also read self help books and contacted some cancer help groups. If you need any further information about cancer and it's treatment, Andrew would be happy to answer your questions if he can, and recommend a few good books.

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