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Listeners interesting ten choices that other listeners may never have known existed

Hi All
Here are some top ten tracks that you may never have known existed sent in by the millions of people who tune in every week!

Steve Ashworth

Eider Stellaire - 'Nihil'- 1st Album
Potemkine - 'Eiram' - Triton
Simon Steensland - 'Before We Can Drown' - The Zombie Hunter
Simon Steensland - 'Instant Jesus' - Led Circus
(Ah the memories, used to have neighbours from hell living next door - one night they decided to have a pop at us by playing Bon Jovi at full pelt at 1 AM - I played them the section of this track from 4:31 to about 6:40 on volume 11. By five past one, victory was declared as all fell silent next door. By 2AM the police had been summoned - 'oh noofficer, must have been the Bon Jovi from next door that has caused the disturbance'. Not much bother after that and they moved a year later. Heh. Thanks Simon)
Etron Fou Leloublan - 'Le Desastreux Voyage De Piteux Python' - Les Tres Fous....
The (EC) Nudes - 'Delta' - Vanishing Point
Kraldjursanstalten - 'Den Stora Coupe-Finalen' - Voodoo Boogie!
Musica Urbana - 'El Vesubio Azul' - Musica Urbana (Damn hard choosing a track off that as they are all amazing)
John Greaves / Peter Blegvad / Lisa Herman - 'Nine Mineral Emblems' - Kew Rhone
Magma - Khontarkosz part 2

Ian Fairholm - (Check out his really interesting podcast online at

The Dark Third by Pure Reason Revolution
The Fate Of Old Mother Orvis by The Future Kings of England
Fortunate Observer Of Time by Frogg Cafe
Styne Vallis by Reigns
Closer Than Skin by David Cross
The Water Road by Thieves' Kitchen
Cartoon by Cartoon
Music From Leftfield by Cartoon
National Health by National Health
Of Queues and Cures by National Health
Kundabuffer by Sympozion

... "Hmmm... I'm on a roll here...Can I add to my list:
California by Mr Bungle
One Head, Two Arms, Two Legs by Dawn of the Replicants?"

So it's a top twelve then Ian?

Aaron Judd

Earthworks - Bill Bruford
Jesus Blood - Gavin Bryers
Hatfield & The North - Hatfield & The North
James Blackshaw - O' Tre Believers
Machine and the Synergetic Nuts - Leap Second Neutral
Mahavishnu Orchestra - Inner Mounting Flame
Robert Wyatt - Old Rottenhat
Sympozion - Kundabuffer
Headshear - Headshear

9? OK you've got 1 left!

Sabine Gerber

Hamster Theatre - The Public Execution of Mr Personality
One Shot - Dark Shot
Dirk Mont Campbell - Music from a round tower
7 for 4 - Diffusion
Albert Marcoeur - Travaux pratiques
Songs Between - Songs Between
a triggering myth - Forgiving Eden
Gilgamesh - Another fine tune you've got me into
Franch Ballestracci - Modified Reality
French TV - The violence of amateurs

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