Friday 23 April 2021, 04:09 GMT

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Some more listeners interesting ten choices that other listeners may never have known existed (but obviously do now)

It's good when you're snowed in! You can do all those little chores like clean the sink and change the sheets and ... Yeah right! What about posting some top tens?!

Obviously this top ten thing is no good unless you specify the track. Originally I thoughit would be OK to just name the CD nut then I had the idea of playing everyone's favourites over the coming months, therefore I need specific track titles if possible

Some more Top Tens:

Sabine Gerber (Germany)
1 - Oye Comotose - Hamster Theatre
2 - Downwards - One Shot (a real favourite)
3 - Wise King Konuzion - Dirk Mont Campbell
4 - Mystic Mouse - 7 for 4
5 - Cèrémonie d'ouverture - Albert Marcoeur
6 - Songs Between - Songs Between
7 - Part III - A Triggering Myth
8 - Underwater Song - Gilgamesh
9 - Messages cryptés - Franck Balestracci
10 - The Odessa Steps Sequence - French TV

Magnus Glader (Finland)

Here´s my kind of "Interesting Top 10 - list"!

It contains a bit of a mix (Canterbury, zeuhl, avantgarde-prog, fusion/prog/jazz..).
In no particular order (..had to include The Power and the Glory, it belongs on every prog-list! :):

1. Mats/Morgan Band: Thanks for Flying with Us
(recommended: Propeller Häst, Thanks for Flying with Us)

2. Gong. You
(A Sprinkling of Clouds, Isle of Everywhere)

3. Magma: Attahk
(Maahnt, The Last Seven Minutes)

4. Gentle Giant: The Power and the Glory
(Proclamation, Cogs In Cogs)

5. Guapo: Elixirs
(The Heliotrope, King Lindorm)

6. Frank Zappa: Jazz From Hell
(G-spot Tornado, Jazz From Hell, Night School)

7. Frank Zappa: In New York (live)
(The Black Page # 2)

8. The Mahavishnu Orchestra: The Inner Mounting Flame
(Meeting of the Spirits, Awakening)

9. Pekka Pohjola: Kätkävaaran Lohikäärme

10. Miles Davis: Bitches Brew
(Bitches Brew, Miles Runs the Voodoo Down, Sanctuary)
That's 20! (Steve)

Bubbling under...(worthy replacements :):

11. Miles Davis: Big Fun
12. Frank Zappa: Hot Rats
13. Pekka Pohjola: Visitation
14. Pekka Pohjola: Pewit
(Ordinary Music..a "longish" track!! :)
15. Gentle Giant. Acquiring the Taste
(25).. and some good "ordinary/easy listening" progressive rock:

Wigwam: Nuclear Nightclub
Spock´s Beard: Beware of Darkness
(27! Which is close enough to ten in the grand scheme of things)

Keep them coming


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