Monday 21 September 2020, 04:12 GMT

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What to do this week in your garden



  • Use secateurs to remove suckers growing from the stems of standard roses
  • Tie tall border plants like delphiniums to their supports
  • Finish planting out dahlias, cannas and summer bedding
  • Cut back dead and dying foliage on spring bulbs
  • Deadhead camellias and rhododendrons after flowering
  • Train clematis shoots to their supports
  • Feed acid-loving plants with a special liquid fertiliser containing iron, such as sequestrene
  • Finish dividing hardy primulas
  • Prune early summer-flowering shrubs like philadelphus and deutzia once the flowers are over
  • Sow seeds now: wallflowers, sweet Williams, Canterbury bells and forget-me-nots


Fruit and Veg



  • Finish planting out vegetable crops, including tomatoes, beans, courgettes and sweetcorn
  • Sow summer salads in guttering to grow quick crops
  • Use netting to protect developing and ripening fruits from birds
  • Tie in new shoots on blackberries, raspberries, loganberries and other cane fruits
  • Water gooseberries and strawberries to encourage fruits to swell
  • Plant cold-stored strawberry runners from mail-order fruit specialists for crops in just 60 days
  • Thin out emerging raspberry canes if they're too congested, leaving new canes about 15cm apart
  • Use soapy sprays at the first signs of greenfly and blackfly
  • Thin out congested fruits on apples and plums - the remaining fruits will grow far larger if competition is reduced
  • Sow seeds now: lettuce, rocket, spinach, beetroot, dwarf French beans, runner beans, radish, carrots, calabrese, mini-cauliflowers, spinach, chicory, endive, kohl rabi, peas, spinach beet, swede and turnips





  • Increase greenhouse shading if temperatures inside are getting very hot
  • Take cuttings from houseplants such as weeping figs and Christmas cacti
  • Damp down the greenhouse floor every morning
  • Water pots and growing bags daily
  • Place potted tagetes near greenhouse tomatoes to deter whitefly
  • Set up a 'watering bench' using capillary matting to look after pot plants
  • Sow seeds of Christmas cherry (solanum) to grow as winter pot plants
  • Hang yellow sticky traps in the greenhouse to help control whitefly
  • Thin out heavy crops of peaches and nectarines, leaving remaining fruits about 10cm apart
  • Repot any houseplants that are pot bound



Around the Garden


  • Gradually lower the cutting height of your mower as grass growth increases
  • Spray roses showing signs of diseases such as blackspot, rust or powdery mildew
  • Apply a combined weed, feed and moss killer to your lawn if you think it needs it
  • Top up water levels in pools and remove water weeds with a net
  • Hoe borders on hot sunny days to remove developing weed seedlings
  • Continue watering anything newly planted until it has established
  • Cut verges along the roadside to prevent plants obscuring the view of motorists
  • Use a circuit breaker (RCD) when using any electric power tools
  • Treat problem weeds emerging in borders with herbicide
  • Lightly trim new growth on box hedging






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