Saturday 19 September 2020, 13:06 GMT

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What to do the week in the garden!



  • Tie shoots of honeysuckle and climbing roses to supports
  • Pinch out the shoot tips of dahlias to encourage branching
  • Deadhead lupins as soon as the flowers have faded
  • Propagate wisteria, clematis, honeysuckle and ornamental vines by layering their shoots into the soil
  • Cut down old stems on spring-flowering euphorbias, taking care not to get the milky sap on your skin
  • Give hanging baskets and patio pots a weekly liquid feed
  • Remove flower heads from flag irises as petals fade
  • Prune back flowered stems on lilac, philadelphus, exochorda, deutzia and weigela
  • Propagate dianthus by taking cuttings of non-flowering shoots
  • Sow sweet Williams, wallflowers, Brompton stocks and forget-me-nots now


Fruit and Veg



  • Hang old CDs among crops and from fruit trees to scare away birds
  • Water beans and sweet peas as they start to flower
  • Give extra water to ripening soft fruits such as raspberries, gooseberries, strawberries and currants
  • Feed tomatoes and crops in growing bags
  • Harvest early potatoes, carrots and salad crops
  • Prune the sideshoots of gooseberry bushes back to just five leaves
  • Cut out congested raspberry canes at soil level, or those popping up in paths
  • Feed all crops with a liquid fertiliser
  • Herbs to sow now include coriander and parsley
  • Veg to sow now includes lettuce and salad leaves, rocket, carrots, beetroot, calabrese, cauliflower, spinach, chicory



  • Damp down the floor every morning and open vents
  • Water tomatoes regularly to prevent fruits splitting
  • Sow Primula malacoides and P. obconica for flowering pot plants next spring
  • Hang yellow sticky traps in the greenhouse to help control whitefly
  • Repot houseplants that have become pot bound
  • Dab male melon flowers on to female flowers to ensure pollination
  • Thin out bunches of grapes with pointed scissors
  • Take cuttings using non-flowering shoots on fuchsias, pelargoniums and marguerites
  • Check plants for signs of pests or problems and treat as soon as possible
  • Isolate new purchases from other plants until you are sure they are pest-free



Around the Garden



  • Pick dead flower heads off rhododendrons and azaleas
  • Hoe borders to keep down weeds, or treat with weedkiller
  • Scoop floating weed out of garden ponds with a net
  • Feed lawns with a liquid or granular lawn fertiliser
  • Trim hedges like privet and Lonicera nitida
  • Use a circuit breaker (RCD) when using mowers and outdoor electric power tools
  • Fill gaps in borders with pots of tall bulbs, like lilies, to add colour
  • Clean paths and paving with a pressure washer, then water with a solution to deter moss and algae


Have a great week in the garden.




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