Saturday 19 September 2020, 12:26 GMT

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What to do in the Garden this Week

Sunday 12th July


I was judging Town Centres  for Britain in Bloom all last week. My fellow judge is a vegetable expert. His tip was to grow courgettes up a stake! That way the leaves and fruit are not on the ground, away from snails and rot! Tie them up gently with soft string or raffia and keep tying as plants grow.


I mentioned a few weeks ago about the birds should have finished nesting so it was “ok” to trim hedges. This week there is a wrens nest in my ivy so be careful!

I had Lyne Crowe from Macmillan Cancer Support with me this week. She was telling us how important fundraising was for the charity and how The Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning was the third biggest charity event in the UK. PhoenixFM are holding their Coffee Morning on Friday 25th September. Please support it.

I’m judging again this week but will be with you next week.





  • Pick bulbils from lily stems and pot them up to raise new plants
  • Give shrubs and perennial plants a liquid feed
  • Cut down delphiniums once flower spikes fade
  • Take cuttings from non-flowering shoots on hydrangeas
  • Pick sweet peas regularly and remove any seed heads to keep them flowering
  • Shorten shoots on choisya to encourage a second flush of flowers
  • Feed roses to keep them flowering strongly
  • Pinch out the shoot tips on fuchsias and bedding plants for bushier growth
  • Save seed from foxgloves and sow right away in small pots of compost
  • Be vigilant for signs of lily beetle, vine weevil, Solomon's seal sawfly and other problem pests


Fruit and Vegetables


  • Pick gooseberries when ripe. If they're still very green, small and hard, leave them a bit longer. Some varieties turn red or white as they ripen
  • Prune bay trees to keep them in shape
  • Spray apples and gooseberries with a fungicide to protect against mildew
  • Lift early potatoes
  • Pick mangetout peas and beans
  • Spray gooseberries to prevent sawfly attack
  • Sow an autumn crop of peas before mid-July
  • Tie in new growth on cordon-trained tomatoes and pinch out sideshoots. Bush varieties can be left to scramble over the soil
  • Water runner beans, celery, marrows, courgettes and salads
  • Sow seeds of salad leaves, beetroot, radishes, spring cabbages, kohl rabi, Swiss chard, spinach, Oriental greens, chicory, swede and turnips for green tops





  • Hang up sticky yellow traps to catch whitefly and flying insects
  • Propagate houseplants, including monstera, dracaena and croton, by air layering
  • Repot any plants that are pot bound or getting top heavy. Tall plants are best placed in terracotta pots for extra stability
  • Open all vents and prop doors open on warm days to improve ventilation
  • Bring large-leaved houseplants into the garden and hose them down to clean off dust. Wipe dry and apply a leaf shine for an attractive glossy finish before bringing back inside
  • Thin bunches of greenhouse grapes
  • Take cuttings from pelargoniums, fuchsias, marguerites, penstemon, carnations, diascia and many others
  • Damp down the greenhouse floor each morning on hot days to increase humidity
  • Stand pot plants on capillary matting, or in trays of gravel and water, so they don't dry out


Around the Garden



  • Pick herbs, lavender and everlasting flowers to hang and dry
  • Be on the lookout for developing pest problems and take action
  • Dig out problem lawn weeds or treat with weedkiller
  • Re-seed bare patches in lawns
  • Wash out pond filters
  • Water hydrangeas with a colourant solution if you want blue flowers
  • Use a circuit breaker (RCD) when using electric tools
  • Scoop floating weed from ponds with a net
  • Trim hedges and topiary (only if no birds nesting!)
  • Top up bird baths regularly






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