Thursday 24 September 2020, 08:29 GMT

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You know what I haven't seen for a while...

Back on the show this week after taking a short break to my hometown - The Cheltenhams!



New feature this week in the form of 'Musical Pizza'. Basically my uncle Dirty Geseppi is making pizza with four musical toppings, you have to guess the toppings and email your answers . .   elementary! This is Fridays helping here .. Its a beautiful thing!

It was the week that the mother of Michael Jackson was appointed as the legal guardian of his three young children… The British banks revealed whether they’d lost or made money… Interest rates stayed the same… House prices went up… And police had to be called after hundreds of passengers missed holiday flights from Stansted, because Ryanair didn’t have anywhere near enough check-in desks open… Gotta love 'em.

Not only that found this story about a Malaysian teacher who caught a model student smoking and so decided to punish him. By making him smoke 42 cigarettes in two hours! He was also made to smoke four at a time!

Now clearly I don’t condone it, but you do kind of imagine that he will never ever smoke again and let’s hope for the sake of his liver he’s never caught drinking.

What I like though is a school official’s response. And I quote, “This is not normal. We don’t do that often”. We don’t do that often?! I love it. Not ‘oh, we’re very sorry this should never have happened, the teacher was out of line’.. No, ‘We don’t that often.. I mean really it’s been quite a while, not since that boy got caught with a magazine in the toilets and eventually lost his eyesight for 24 hours, yeah, not often, normally we make them lick ash trays you know... and even then, not often...’


My track of the week was The Big Pink - 'Dominos'

A Brief History Of Love, the debut album from The Big Pink, will be released by 4AD on September 14th (15th in the US).

It was recorded and self-produced at Electric Lady Studios in New York earlier this year and with help from an ever-evolving line-up, they have engineered a sound that marries an anthemic pop sensibility with fiery digital experimentalism.

The job of mixing fell to Rich Costey (Mastodon, Muse, New Order, Rage Against The Machine), with the exception of ‘Velvet’ which was previously mixed by Alan Moulder (My Bloody Valentine, NiN, Smashing Pumpkins, Yeah Yeah Yeahs). To package the recordings with artwork as otherworldly as the music, the band called upon long-term 4AD friends and collaborators, v23 (Pixies, Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil).

Furthermore, ‘Dominos’ will be released as a 7” on September 7th and that will come backed with an exclusive track, ‘She’s No Sense’, which features backing vocals from Florence Welsh (aka Florence and the Machine). Furthermore, the band have just made ‘Dominos’ available to download from thier website. You just simply need to sign up for the mailing list. Listen below!



(look at his cheeky yet kinda Satanic face, bless him)

On Friday I spoke to celebrity chef and star of Saturday Morning Kitchen & Ready Steady Cook, James Tanner! We spoke all things puddings. Listen where the writings blue!

and thats about it but ets wink at the elderly. "Don't Break my heart - just because yours is faulty". Everybody needs attention. x

tatas. x

You can hear more Breakfast Show clips below from the youtubes. x



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