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Eat my Lunch - 28th Sep - 2nd Oct

Weeeell - a very nice time I had doing Eat my Lunch on Pheonix FM for a second week - even if it was a slightly curtailed one for me, Tuesday to Thursday this time due to other bits and bobs. On Tuesday I spoke to a very nice lady called Peggy Keeble who had been nominated for a national volunteering award of Volunteer of the Year for all the work she does at the headquarters of Sense for Essex in Chelmsford - a group which looks after deafblind people.

These are people who are both visually impaired and deaf as well. The Sense national awards were held on Thursday - an Elaine Steer won Volunteer of the Year in the end in the awards presented by the BBC's newsreader Louise Minchin. Peggy obviously does fantastic work and it was brilliant for her to be nominated. She told us she works with many people who have this condition - including her daughter - and often those who are deafblind can find it very isolating - and so the volunteers work to help connect with people and give assistance with their daily tasks.

We even played some Cliff for young Peggy as well! Cracking stuff.

If you want to help out at their ESSEX HQ or find out more information about Sense in Chelmsford - visit their website

On Wednesday I spoke to Ellen a British Heart Foundation Nurse about the rising obesity epidemic - in Essex alone we could see two thirds of children overweight or obese by 2050.

And that's obviously bad news.

For one thing it's less food for the rest of us.

And who will win our customary bronze medal at the Olympics ever 4 years?!

No, I'm joking of course - it's a hugely important health issue - probably something the NHS never dreamed of being a problem decades ago and now it could be the number one cause of premature illness in the future. Shocking.

And anyway, we did great at the Olympics last time didn't we? 

Indeed we did - and with tramplining now an Olympic sport as well I spoke to Dave Kingaby on Thursday who popped in from the Brentwood Trampolining Club. Trampolining was pretty much born in Brentford as you can see from the history of it on their website - - and it's a great activity for youngsters to get involved with - details on that are all their site again.

Dave was great - he knows the subject inside out and obviously really enjoys it - and he told us at Phoenix someone who's already doing gymnastics, if they're not that great but are quite athletic, could make the switch to trampolining and like a shot move up the rankings to make a success of it ahead of the London Games - and maybe become part of that great GB team, who knows, for 2012.

One thing the Heart Foundation's Ellen also told me was they're so concerned at more children becoing unhealthy, they're also trying to do sports-wise to stop obesity is introduce the sport of dodgeball (yes, like the film) to a huge number of schools in Essex and across the country. It basically involves schoolchildren throwing balls very hard at other schoolchildren.

The next best thing to the cane perhaps?!

Oh, I jest of course - this actually does sound a proper way of getting kids not interested in sport doing it more - the balls are sponge - you're hit you're out - it's a great group activity and properly supervised - and like all sport there's a tiny respectable bit of physical risk.

I had to sit out basketball at school as I was just too good for the other pupils. That, and the ingrowing toenail.


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