Sunday 27 September 2020, 11:11 GMT

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what a nightmare!!

Have you ever had "one of those days" Lets start from the begining, I wake up at around 9.30 after only getting in from the club i was djing at (liquid Ipswich) at 4.22 am ( to be exact) to my misses saying " right my boy today we are going shopping" Well me and shopping have never been great mates, i honestly cant see what women find so exiciting about spending 30 mins trying to find a parking space, then having to hunt aroung in the back o my car for random coins that may have fallen out of my pocket at some time... eventually we ended up in TK Max of all places.. with hundreds of screaming children nipping at my ancles, mums shouting at the said children and endless miles of racks of shitrs trousers etc... to which none were my size (why dont they do beer belly fit) After 3 HOURS i ended up with 2 shirts and a pair of jeans.. my misses however seemed have have brought the whole shop... on my credit card lol.. gets back to the car only to find a bright yellow ticket winking at me .. another £30.00 so by now im really not happy.. anyway get home have a drink and start to prepare for the forthcoming show which starts at 8pm every sat (shameless plug) so eating whilst prepairing i spill a whole cup of tea all over my cd wallet " aaaarrrrhhhh" ( or quite possably words to that effect)!!

Anyway no time for a rest i finally finish the show notes and scramble into the shower.. grab my "new shirt" and jump in the car.. I live in southend so i have a good 40 min hike to the station in Brentwood.. after about 15 mins driving it suddenly dawns on me that ive forgotten all of my music for the club after the radio show... so its back home (within the speed limit of course) !! eventually arrive at the station by the skin of my teeth.. right where are my show notes.. in my cd wallet , in the car ? in my new jeans pocket... nope .. " hello rosie did i leave some paperwork in the dining room table" ... " what these ones with loads of songs and silly jokes on"....

So here we are on only my third show with no notes for the show at all!!  And well i thought im a proi can do this without any notes... so off the show starts with my heart beating like a drum, into the news jingle up with the fader for the sky news.... nothing..... nothing....nothing... "so the news is theres no news" and the show was off to a very shaky start.. But dont worry its going to be a good show i have damo walsh coming in.. one essex's most respected club dj/ producer.. saying that where is he.... ?? quarter to ten he arrives after being "nicked" for speeding along the A12.

As it happens the show went ok, and lots of people calling texting etc.. but please next sat not another day like that.. and im never going into TK max again its a health hazard (in my opionion of course!)

Next week on the show i have international dj and producer Alex somers who has spent summer as resident in Ibizas Esparadis Nightclub, Alex has had a number of dance tunes out and has actaully had a tune at number 1 in the dance chart.. i have no Doubt  Alex will have some crazy stories to share with us on next weeks show..

See you Sat 8 till 10 here on Phoenix fm. Or in the clubs.. this week you can catch me at Liquid Basildon Thursday, Liquid Ipswich on Friday and Sat at Eclipse nightclub Breentwood ( club cultures main sponser)

Have a good week


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