Saturday 19 September 2020, 15:35 GMT

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Drive 5th - 9th Oct

1st week on Drive for me and it was fantastic. More than fantastic. Really good. Not had to do travel updates before! That was a nice little extra - which makes the hours fly by!

For me. Maybe not for you dear listener. Maybe it seemed to you like you'd lost a month of your time.

Anyway - let's hope not! And when it comes to travel it was a proper week to start as far as the amount of it went. The first day of Brentwood High Street closing for its refurbishment, with diversions all over the place. And it seemed to co-incide with a horrible spell of weather - wind and rain, lashing down - maybe this is some karma kind of way of the mystic forces saying they weren't happy with the closure of the main road through Brentwood.

Or maybe it was the group of rain clouds that moved over from across the Atlantic.

Who can say?!!

What I can say - is that it was extra busy on the roads in the rain, and hopefully we can all see the results of the new Brentwood high street as soon as possible. Having said that there is a strange surreal quality to walking along the street when there's no traffic, especially at night. It's like the early hours of the morning - in the middle of the day. Kind of.

Do let me know how it's going out there if you're stuck in a jam - like Cliff did during the week who was sat in a jam and got Muse for his reward (a song of theirs, not the band)

A couple of bands I spoke to in the week were playing in nearby Southend. Both French, the first was Fortune - a great kind of new wave, disco-ish, Air-type group - sounding very cool. They said there's not much difference between French and English crowds. That was before they played Southend though. Unfortunately my pidgeon English was not much understood by them even though their English was great - but they were great to have on. They said they'd love to make it big here as they had so much respect for UK music. VIve la difference! (whatever that means) j'aime fortune - et le group rocked le big time. Etc.

Also spoke to Second Sex who were also playing at Chinnerys as part of the Oui Love music tour - travelling over the UK showcasing the new French Wave scene for free. It is great, all that Daft Punk/air music - the punk boys have also done some fantastic remixes for other artists - and Sebastien Tellier should have won the Eurovision for France last year. Think the mini car at the start might have put people off. And the beard.

Some good guests coming up this week as well - speaking to Melissa Scerpico, a new singer-songwriter from Romford on Monday, and getting a bit of music from her, Chican Gokensel will be in on Tuesday to talk about the new Brentwood Inn - and we'll be at the official launch on Thursday. On Wednesday hoping to hear from the walk to school campaign to get more of us to cut down on using the car to get the kids to school during Walk to School month. And Friday sees John Brandler coming in from Brandler Galleries about the exciting new work they've got there.

Tune in for the week! It'll be great! Honest! No refunds.

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