Saturday 19 September 2020, 12:59 GMT

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What to do this week in th Garden.


In the Flower Garden


  • Prune wisteria sideshoots to 10-15cm from their base, and tie in leading shoots to create a framework
  • Rake up fallen leaves that could be sheltering slugs
  • Cut down dead perennials
  • Plant bareroot trees and deciduous hedges such as beech and privet
  • Trim autumn-flowering heathers
  • Collect fallen rose leaves that could carry diseases over to next season
  • Plant new roses
  • Transplant shrubs or small trees
  • Finish planting tulip bulbs
  • Hang bird feeders over rose beds to attract birds to pick off overwintering pests


Fruit and Vegetables


  • Winter prune apple trees
  • Prune away stems of autumn-fruiting raspberries at soil level
  • Prepare sites to plant new fruit trees and bushes, by improving soil with lots of organic matter
  • Hoe bare areas to remove weed seedlings
  • Use straw to prevent soil freezing around parsnips
  • Take hardwood cuttings from currants and gooseberries
  • Net cabbages and other brassicas to protect them from pigeon damage
  • Place forcing jars over crowns of seakale
  • Continue winter digging, adding spent mushroom compost to improve the soil





  • Follow weather forecasts closely to ensure you're setting greenhouse heating accurately
  • Prune both indoor and outdoor vines
  • Dig up rhubarb, pot up, and place in total darkness under a giant bin to force an early crop
  • Thoroughly clean glazing inside and out before putting up bubble polythene for insulation
  • Sow hardy annuals, like calendulas, in pots for early displays
  • Check bulbs, corms and tubers in store for signs of rot
  • Water sparingly in winter, taking care not to splash water around
  • Pick yellowing leaves and dead flowers from plants
  • Open vents on warm days


Around the garden


  • Clean and sharpen pruning tools
  • Repair and treat fencing and timber structures while climbing plants are dormant
  • Bring all watering equipment indoors, including hoses and sprinklers
  • Wrap insulation around outside taps and cut off the water supply
  • Empty glazed pots that aren't frost-proof, and move under cover
  • Send off for mail-order seed catalogues and start planning seed orders
  • Scoop fallen leaves and rotting plant debris from ponds
  • Order summer-flowering bulbs such as lilies and gladioli
  • Get hold of some manure or mushroom compost to improve your soil
  • Check garden birds have water to drink, especially on frosty days when it might be frozen

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