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Drive 15th-19th

Good to speak to a few people on Drive last week - David Knight from Billericay Town Council spoke to us about how they're turning the town into one of the greenest places in the South (hopefully) - trying to get people to cut their carbon footprint - and the good thing is they're trying to get it done by getting as many people as possible to all meet up in one place just for an hour or so on a spring evening, so you know it's ont just you on your own - not making a difference to anything - and that other people are taking green measures at the same time as you are - i.e it's not just you taking the plastic down to the dump, while everyone else is chucking it over their neighbours fence. Billericay will become the first town in Essex to take part in the nationwide Greening campaign. People will be asked to do things like use energy saving lightbulbs, recycle more, or turn off appliances from stand-by. Here's the details:
A meeting is also being held for Billericay residents on Tuesday 23 March at 7.30pm at Emmanuel Church, Laindon Road, Billericay, to discuss the campaign.

Ideas raised on this day will form the basis of a summer environmental fun day where Billericay residents will be able to choose their environmental pledges to help make Billericay greener.

More information is available at or by contacting the Billericay Town Clerk on 01277 625 732.


You can also call David on on 01268 545945 - or e-mail at - he's going round to speak to people to try and get as many as possible to take part in March - so if you want to get involved or want to convince others to - I'm sure he'd love to pop along and speak to you all about it to try and get you to sign up and pop along to Emmanuel Church next month.

Also spoke to Judith Owen the Welsh singer-songwriter (who's married to Harry Shearer - who does the voice of Mr Burns on the Simpsons! and is part of Spinal Tap of course) - Judith started off years ago and her US piano-penned music (think Tori-Amos type-vibe I'd say?) was about to be the next big thing about ten years ago when her major label was about to promote her as their next big artist - then, though, they suddenly ditched the label she belonged to that the major label had a deal with - and she was no longer (officially) the next big thing. I think I've got the history right there. Anyway, she eventually managed to get things back on track - got hold of the masters (phew...that's hard I hear) - got rid of the "major label clutter" as she puts it (!) - and has been on the way up again for some time.

She was so entertaining to speak to, she's had success in the US and splits her time between here and there - her album a couple of years ago was kind of a collection of the songs that would have been given the big push ( I think) - and she's got music out now you can check at her website

EEx -cellent....

She really was a very chatty, intelligent woman. Catch her at a gig near you. She's at the Purcell rooms in London this Friday.

Valentines was over of course last week so no more Barry White week.

Might do a Hall and Oates week......

Or a Christopher Cross week once the sun comes out again. I can't wait.

Good hit headlines this week - we played songs on the Tory MP who said people in second class were completely different to 1st class people - the songs 'what a fool believes' and 'wrong impression' to keep things nice and balanced. Plus - Ashley Cole and Cheryl's problems - 'what is a girl to do' and jacko's 'human nature.'

Drive every weekday 3 - 7.

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