Saturday 19 September 2020, 15:33 GMT

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Drive last week 15th - 19th

Good week on Drive last week - spoke to Jane Sheehan the celebrity foot reader (!). Oh yes. She was frighteningly accurate about my feet, even after just looking at them for a few seconds. She got into it after having a foot reading herself, and suddenly getting so emotional after that first reading, a whole sense of emotion of pouring out of her, that because of that real connection it had made with her, Jane wanted to find out more. Eventually she gave up her office job and - the rest is history...... She was on This Morning a few weeks ago reading Alan Carr's feet - and has done quite a few other bits on radio and TV. She came to Brentwood for a local two day workshop and does other workshops as well. It's quite strange - Jane explained (if you're a bit cynical about his kind of thing) that how you are as a person relates to your feet - for example you'll walk in a different way to normal depending how you feel and this translates to how your feet are shaped and the marks they got on them - and your body and feet rule in some respect how you operate as a person - nature v nurture and all that - it's not defining but it does have an influence. The top of your feet is apparently what you show to everyone else, and the bottom is the underside (i.e the real) side of your personality. It was fascinating to hear about - go to for more info.

Also spoke to Jan Halsey from Havering Antique and Collectors Club - they had an antiques roadshow expert in last week to speak to them - if you want to get involved in a local group and you have an interest in antiques or that kind of thing do get in touch with them - you needn't be an expert and there are guests who come and speak on varoius topics - one who came in to speak on teddy bears last month was one of the most popular yet, so there are lots of topics and things to speak on. The antiques boom that we now see all over our daytime schedules started in some part I think through that desire to find something and have that knowledge no-one else has about what it's worth. Anyway it's a great group to get involved in - the club meets on the third Friday of each month. Guests can pay on the door on the night £4; annual membership is £22. Both include refreshments. Contact Jan for further information on 01708 373574.  There is plenty of parking on site or Harold Wood Station is about a 5 minute walk, they are also on the bus route. 

Phone: 01708 373574


Also spoke to Mark Rudland a teacher from Chafford school - one of 5 schools in Essex who've released a song called "Love makes the world go round" - it's been a great way to get local pupils involved in music - they all went up to a recording studio in London and recorded the track there - search for it on Tesco on-line or Itunes here

The aim was to get the 1 and a half thousand downloads it would have probably taken to get the track into the top 40 downloads chart. From what I can see this week I don't think it has - they probably had at least a thousand downloads depending on everyone involved in the schools who could download it - so probably just missed out but it could still get in there, the music business being a bit more slow-burn these days perhaps. Anyway if this goes well the aim is to get it going perhaps every year. See if you can download it still - it hits the right notes in that it's a nice mix of local pupils and a professional sounding "sheen" to it. Money raised goes to a good cause as well.

Drive is on every weekday between 3 and 7.

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