Thursday 1 October 2020, 06:26 GMT

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Aliens musical tastes revealed! (or .. worst press release ever?)

Just had this drop into my email so I thought I would share it with you.  Good to see proper science fiction like Futurama mentioned (instead of really rubbish science fiction like Doctor Who), but what on earth has this got to do with PRS?  And by the way, the cheque IS in the post ....


Spock Rocks to Oasis,

Avatar’s Na’vi enjoy James Blunt


The Institute of Physics and PRS for Music today reveal the songs that our favourite sci-fi aliens could be listening based on their distance from Earth.


The analysis shows that Star Trek’s Spock, an inhabitant of the fictional planet Vulcan, 16 light years from Earth would currently be listening to hits from 1994 with the likes of: Oasis, Take That and D-Ream.  Spock’s fellow Star Treck character, Deanna Troi, from the planet Betazed would be listening to hits from 1998 with artists such as Boyzone and Robbie.


The Na’vi clan from James Cameron’s award winning film, Avatar, would have more contemporary music tastes; with the music hitting the fictional planet Pandora, in the real Alpha Centauri System, coming from artists such as Eminem, James Blunt and other 2006 hit sensations.




          Time – Hrs:Mins

The Moon

Judoon (Doctor Who)



The Martians (The War of the Worlds)



Flash (DC Comics)



Mekon (Eagle Comic Strip)



Rimmer (Red Dwarf)



Tsathoggua (Cthulhu Mythos)



Kree (Fantastic 4)



Elzar (Futurama)



Martinex T'Naga (Guardians of the Galaxy)



The Daleks (Doctor Who)

1.7 Years


The Na’vi clan (Avatar)

4.4 Years

Barnard’s Star

The Vogons (The Hitchhiker’s Guide)

6 Years


Deanna Troi (Star Trek)

12 Years


Captain Spock (Star Trek)

16 Years


Android (Space 1999)

25 Years


Source: Dr Andrew Newsam, Liverpool John Moores University/ PRS for Music


Well outside of our own solar system and within the Milky Way aliens from Vega, a much quoted real star whose inhabitants include stars from Star Trek, Space 1999, Babylon 5 and characters from Isaac Asimov’s book would be about to have a year of Madonna, Dire Straits, Simple Minds and The Smiths.



Commenting on the research, Dr. Andrew Newsam, Reader in Astronomy Education at The Astrophysics Research Institute, Liverpool John Moores University, said: “Whilst this has presented some humorous findings, and it’s interesting to discover the music preferences of our fictional friends, there is also a serious angle to consider here. Music is a great example of the practical impact of physics because not only is its function and form a product of physics but so is its communication, whether terrestrial or inter-terrestrial.”


Ellis Rich, chairman of PRS for Music, added: “It is too easy to forget that not only do you need great musicians to create great music, you also need the ‘application of science’, whether it’s sound waves or radio waves, without them our world, and those of any extra terrestrial would be silent.”

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