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70's Rock Show - 6th July 2010


I returned to the microphone for the special 70's Rock At The Movies this week. It was a hot summer's night in the studio & the music was the perfect accompaniment:

The "Rocky Horror Picture Show" got us off to a saucy start, with Dr Frank N Furter (Tim Curry) singing "Sweet Transvestite" - RHPS is the longest running release in film history! The fourth remake of "A Star Is Born" brought Kris Kristofferson & Barbra Streisand together in the silver screen & the film opened with "Watch Closely Now" by KK. Mr & Mrs Sumner's boy Sting appeared in "Quadrophenia" as Ace Face the "Bell Boy", so The Who gave us that part of the story & Sting sung "Roxanne", which was also a Steve Martin film…

Alice Cooper delivered "Man With The Golden Gun" to the producers of the James Bond movies, but in the end they went with Lulu's different song, whereas David Essex featured in the movie "Stardust", so it was fairly certain he'd provide the title song for the soundtrack. We also had David Essex singing "Brave New World" as the artilleryman in "Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds", although that was nothing to do with the film. Chris Spedding played guitar on WOTW & he did the same for the original concept "Jesus Christ Superstar", where Ian Gillan (of Deep Purple fame) played the lead role & we played his "Gethsemane"...

David Bowie sang about drive-ins, Billy Joel sang about Hollywood, 10cc had an album called "The Original Soundtrack", which wasn't a soundtrack at all, & Steely Dan warned us about Mr Lapage (who showed movies to kids in his den). In the 1992 film "Reservoir Dogs", "Stuck In The Middle With You" soundtracks Mr Blonde doing rather horrible things to Marvin the cop, but doesn't kill him because he gets shot by Mr Orange, who's an undercover cop, although Marvin does get killed by Nice Guy Eddie, who’s not a nice guy. Got it?

Blue Oyster Cult's "Godzilla" & Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" were used to promote the films, but they were not otherwise connected, however "Run Like Hell" was in Pink Floyd's "The Wall", "The Song Remains The Same" was performed by Led Zep in their concert film & "We're Not Gonna Take It" was in "Tommy" (although the album was from 1969, but don't tell anyone). The Beatles gave us "Two Of Us" from the film & album "Let It Be" & "The Rutles" provided one of the best non-Beatles Beatles-esque numbers, the brilliant "I Must Be In Love" - from the spoof film "All you Need Is Cash" (which was followed by "Can't Buy Me Lunch")…

Glam Rock produced a few films of varying quality. Ringo Starr directed Marc Bolan in the interesting "Born To Boogie", while no-one will probably admit to directing the awful "Never Too Young To Rock" in 1975, which featured The Rubettes, Mud & The Glitter Band - Gerry Shephard & John Springate from the band wrote the UK entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2000, but Nikki French finished 16th & lower than any UK entry before her. Slade starred in a film telling the story of the band "Flame", but Don Powell hadn't fully recovered from a serious car crash & memory retention problems meant he had to learn everything just before he was filmed. "Flame" was subtitled in the USA because the boys' accents were so broad…

Joni Mitchell wrote the song "Woodstock" even though she didn't appear or even attend the concert, as she'd been sent by her agent to a 'more important' TV show; Matthews Southern Comfort took their version to #1 in the UK in 1970. Mike Oldfield took a lot longer getting "Tubular Bells" to the top of the album charts, more than a year in fact, when it knocked Mike's follow up effort "Hergest Ridge" off the top. His debut spent 279 weeks on the charts though & was featured in the groundbreaking horror flick "The Exorcist"...

The full playlist for this weeks show was as follows:

1 Tim Curry Sweet Transvestite
2 Kris Kristofferson Watch Closely Now
3 The Who Bell Boy
4 The Police Roxanne
5 Alice Cooper Man With The Golden Gun
6 Blue Oyster Cult Godzilla
7 Black Sabbath Iron Man
8 David Essex Stardust
9 David Bowie Drive-In Saturday
10 Billy Joel Say Goodbye To Hollywood
11 Steely Dan Everyone's Gone To The Movies
12 Jeff Wayne Brave New World
13 Ian Gillan Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say)
14 Steelers Wheel Stuck In The Middle With You
15 10cc Flying Junk
16 Pink Floyd Run Like Hell
17 Led Zeppelin The Song Remains The Same
18 The Who We're Not Gonna Take It
19 The Beatles Two Of Us
20 The Rutles I Must Be In Love
21 T. Rex Born To Boogie
22 The Rubettes I Can Do It
23 Mud L-L-Lucy
24 The Glitter Band Angel Face
25 Slade Far Far Away
26 Matthews Southern Comfort Woodstock
27 Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells

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