Monday 21 September 2020, 04:33 GMT

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What to Do in the Garden this Week?


In The Flower Garden


  • Plant daffodil bulbs in pots and borders
  • Check roses for suckers and cut off any you find, just below ground
  • Trim conifer hedges to neaten their appearance and control height
  • Empty pots of faded early summer bedding, adding old plants to the compost heap
  • Buy tulip bulbs as soon as you find them but hold back from planting until late October-November
  • Dig up gladioli corms after flowering to store until next spring
  • Collect seeds, lay them out to dry, then store them in labelled envelopes
  • Prune rambling roses, cutting out old stems that carried flowers and training in new shoots
  • Take lavender cuttings by pulling off new shoots and inserting them in gritty compost
  • Cut back perennials past their best


The Fruit and Vegetable Garden


  • Keep picking summer-sown salads to prevent the plants running to seed
  • Plant garlic cloves outside or in modular seed trays ready to plant out later this autumn
  • Cover herbs like basil and parsley with cloches, or bring potted ones under cover
  • Harvest globe artichokes
  • Stake tall Brussels sprouts to stop them from blowing over
  • Dig up chicory roots, cut off their tops and re-pot for forcing, to grow on in a dark shed
  • Wrap grease bands around the trunks of apples, pears, cherries and plums to trap the crawling female winter moth
  • Cut off whole trusses of unripe fruits from outdoor tomatoes before they're hit by frost and ripen in a sheltered spot
  • Plant out spring cabbages
  • Dig up onions and lay them out in an airy space to dry before storing


In The Greenhouse


  • Take root cuttings from Japanese anemones and oriental poppies
  • Pot up prepared hyacinths into bowls for indoor displays
  • Pot up rooted cuttings taken in summer and early autumn
  • Plant paper-white narcissi in pots
  • Remove shading paint and netting to let in plenty of light
  • Water dormant pots of cyclamen that were left to die down for the summer, and keep them in cool conditions
  • Plant freesia corms in pots
  • Check greenhouse heaters are in working order
  • Bring pots of tender perennials and summer bulbs into the greenhouse
  • Install a water butt under the gutter of your greenhouse to collect autumn rain fall




  • Lay new turf and re-sow bare patches of lawn
  • Pot up colchicums into decorative containers for bringing into the house
  • Put up bug boxes to provide places for beneficial insects to hibernate
  • Cut attractive seed heads for indoor arrangements
  • Spread netting over ponds or water features to stop autumn leaves falling in
  • Buy spring bulbs for autumn planting
  • Order bare rooted roses, shrubs, fruit trees and hedging to plant over the coming months
  • Brush away fungi and mushrooms growing on lawns
  • Build a leaf bin out of posts and chicken wire to collect autumn leaves into
  • Rake moss and thatch from lawns




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