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Body Talk 23rd August

How are your feet?

Your feet can tell you a lot about your personality and your health. Narrow feet are known as Princess Feet, This type of person would take time to appreciate the beauty around them. They like to be pampered and enjoy the good life.

Wide feet indicate a hard worker. This poerson needs to find time to relax.

If the toe line is even, this indicates a methodical person, who likes doing things well. Everything has to be just right.

An extra long big toe means you are very creative and like to think outside of the box.

A shorter big toe indicates a briliant multi-tasker.

A longer second toe is a sign of a natural leader, and can sometimes be a little bossy.

The skin on the feet says about our reaction to life. the feet are the first place that the body detoxes. Calluses are protrecting you from the world. Flaking or itchy skin are a sign of the irritations around you. Rough skin means a rough time. Constant peeling means you are trying to let go but haven't managed completely.

Bunions say that you are bending over backwards for others and not spending enough time on yourself.

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