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In The Mix - 18th September 2010

Jamie Oliver has a son

Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools already have 3 daughters together but now they can proudly showed off their first son.

Born on Wednesday at 6.10pm Jools described it as “hard and fast labour” The celebrity chef said his family was now complete as he stood with his four children and wife outside the Portland Hospital in central London.
They have decided to call their son Buddy Bear Maurice and when Jamie was asked how he had chosen his son's name, he pointed to his wife, who said: "I just like the name Buddy, I thought it was sweet."  He was given the name Maurice after Jools' late father.

The unusual choice of name is in keeping with family tradition. Buddy's older sisters are Poppy Honey, eight, Daisy Boo, seven, and 18-month-old Petal Blossom Rainbow. While the girls appeared delighted with their baby brother, Jamie admitted he was shocked to have had a boy.

He said "I never thought for a moment I would have a boy. All you can ever dream of is having a healthy child and that's the best thing in the world. In a way it would have been easier to have had a girl. We're not prepared for a boy - there's no blue in the house.

Then when asked if he hoped the baby would follow in his culinary footsteps, he said: "I don't know. I'm not going to push him into it. My dad didn't push me."

Hmm so we will have to see if little Buddy will have the same talent as his famous dad.

Guinness World Records book

Two popular pop princess have got their names in the Guinness book of records Guinness World Records book.
Lady Gaga has enjoyed her rise to fame, and she's smashed all previous achievements by staying in the UK chart for a staggering 154 weeks.

Local singer Pixie Lott also made her first appearance in the series of books - her single Boys And Girls made the biggest chart leap in history, jumping from 72 to number one in just seven days.

Editor-in-chief Craig Glenday says, "Almost two years ago, Lady Gaga and Pixie Lott were not even around so it's amazing they have broken these records. Every year, so many new music records are broken."  So a big well done to them.

Usher wants to collaborate with Britney Spears.
It has been revealed that Usher would like to work on Britney Spear’s new album and hopes to enlist the help of other stars to make her comeback record a success.

He has said "Britney is great. We've actually talked about working together in the past, I'm hoping something will happen."

Usher has worked with many successful artists to record tracks such as Justin Bieber, Enrique Iglesias, Jay-Z and Pitbull. Therefore he hopes other musicians will get on board to make Britney's new album a success too.

He recently revealed he eventually hopes to achieve the same 'King of Pop' status as the late Michael Jackson, and was thrilled Jay-Z suggested he would be the perfect artist to fill the void left by the 'Thriller' hitmaker.

He said: "I've been doing this 18 years now and my icon is well on its way. Michael was doing it for 50 years and that's something I'd like to grow towards. At the same time, I am one of a kind, a worldwide pop icon. I think Jay is correct."  Well that’s two things to look out for there, Britney Spears new album which may have many collaborations on, and to see if Usher becomes as huge as Micheal Jackson was.

Zac Efron’s Beard

Zac Efron is a heartthrob to many teenage girls, and is best known for singing and dancing in films like High School Musical 1, 2 and 3 and Hairspray, but it seems like Zac is growing up.
Not only by the fact that more recently he has moved on from cheesy musicals to do more serious roles such as his latest film 'Charlie St. Cloud' but also he has grown a beard.

The premier of his new film took place on the 16th of this month and a huge crowd turned out to see the star, who has recently been likened to James Dean and has a huge female following.

At the premier he confessed that his girlfriend and co-star Vanessa Hudgens isn’t a fan of his new facial hair by saying “Vanessa finds it very itchy when I kiss her."

He also admitted he doesn't feel his facial fuzz quite matches up to that grown by 'Twilight' heartthrob Robert Pattinson. When asked whose mane was thicker, Zac said "Probably Rob's."
With his films enjoying huge commercial success and he the star launching his own production company, he says he is not interested in dwelling on his looks.

However, when asked how he coped with the screaming girls, he said: "It's pretty damn awesome, I'm going to try and enjoy it."

Brian Dowling
Recently Ultimate Big Brother winner, Brian Dowling has appeared on quite a few reality TV programmes, he won normal Big Brother in 2001 Been on a Big Brother version of Come Dine With Me and has also appeared in Hell’s Kitchen.But now he has revealed he wants to take part in the ITV show Dancing On Ice.

Brian has said "I have always said I would like to do Dancing On Ice because it's a great show. That could be my last reality show then I'd be done forever. I've kind of done everything. I've cooked, I've lived in the house twice. Why not learn to skate? Why not learn to dance as my main task? That'd be a good one too." He then pondered: "Maybe I should see how many reality shows I can actually win. That could be my new show.”

The former air steward also confessed he was still coming to terms with winning Ultimate Big Brother. "It's kind of more weird than it was the first time. It's strange - but strange in a good way," he said.
So I think that hints that the popular show will be back on our screens soon, which I’m very happy abut as I love ice skating, not many people do, but I am one that does. So I look forward to seeing that.

A celebrity version of 'Coach Trip' has been commissioned by Channel 4.

The reality TV show, Coach Trip, features seven couples being taken around Europe in coach, led by camp tour guide Brendan Sheerin.

During each stop, the contestants sample local tradition and take part in fun tasks but then must vote to one couple to leave the trip and the pair with the most votes receive a yellow card. Two yellow cards equal a red, meaning they are sent home.

It currently goes out every weekday at 5.30pm but bosses are keen for Celebrity version of the show, to be aired in primetime and are thinking of launching it in January to fill the gap normally taken up by 'Celebrity Big Brother'.

A source has said "Fans have been crying out for a celebrity version 'Coach Trip' since the show started back in 2004. Now they have got their wish."

Stars being lined up include Lulu, comedian Russ Abbot, 'Pop Idol' star Rik Waller, astrologer Russell Grant and former Steps star Lee Latchford Evans.

Lady Gaga’s Meat Dress

It has been all over our TV screens so you can not have missed the fact that Lady Gaga wore a dress made of meat to the recent MTV, Video Music Awards.

She says she was trying to make a point however many people have taken offence to her actions, while others think it was just a publicity stunt.

The singer said on US chatshow that the outfit was a protest against the way the army in America treats gay soldiers. Lesbian, bisexual and gay people can serve in the US military as long as they don't reveal their sexual orientation.

She also said the dress had "many interpretations" adding "If we don't stand up for what we believe in and don't stand up for our rights pretty soon we're going to have as much rights as the meat on our bones."

However the outfit has received criticism from the animal rights support group, PETA(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). They released an official statement condemning Lady Gaga’s meat dress, saying “Meat is the decomposing flesh of a tormented animal who didn’t want to die, and after a few hours under the TV lights, it would smell like the rotting flesh it is and likely be crawling in maggots — not too attractive, really,”

The Lady Gaga meat dress was designed by Franc Fernandez, who also designed Lady Gaga’s diamond headpiece in the video for “Bad Romance,” which picked up seven of the singer’s eight VMA wins.
Fernandez appeared to be very pleased with his creation by saying on twitter “The way it was cut & fitted to her body was AMAZING ! Meat purse was genius! As an art piece, it was astonishing! No moral Judgement!”

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