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EAT MY LUNCH – 22nd October 2010
What’s been happening in my world, well if you tune in everyday you get to hear most of it. Not that I tell you all my private comings and goings live on air! Well.. not much.
Funny thing happened this week. Emma Sweeney (Breakfast Show 7am – 11am) was standing with a vacuum cleaner hose in her hand and Nigel Clarke was seated getting ready to review the Gazette. Thats not the funny bit! Why did she have a vacuum, she was cleaning the studio. We were having a very funny and rather rude conversation off air. I suddenly heard our voices in the headphones and screamed and thought my “blue” phrases had just been broadcast to all.
Emma flew onto the mobile to check with her Mum to see if she heard us but it appears I had hit the talk button (which tests the microphone and doesn’t broadcast). Relief.  Can’t possibly tell you what we said! Lucky Emma was on hand to calm me down as I was screaming and running about. A quick wack with the vacuum cleaner hose soon sorted me out.
I cooked dinner for a friend, chicken, (that was the meal not the person’s name) I unfortunately had too much wine. They were late for dinner, so I poured out a glass, then realised I had in fact drunk nearly all the bottle of wine.  The dinner was not burnt, it was extremely tasty, honest.
I woke up with my mobile phone in my little handy. I had texted random people, even had a conversation with someone at 1am. That is the danger of cooking chicken. That is also the danger of spying a small bottle of champagne in the back of the fridge which I then had to ask my guest to open for me. Hmmmm fizzy. It was the fizz that tipped me over the edge.
Pete joined me in the studio to talk about Georgias Teenage Cancer Appeal.
Peter was very moved by Georgina Cordery who set up the charity to help raise funds and awareness of rhabdomyosarcoma which is a type of cancer.  Georgia sadly passed away on Saturday 22nd May 2010, aged just 14 after a two year battle with the disease.
To raise funds for the charity, Peter, (who plays harmonica) has recorded a version of Georgia on our Mind, to help raise funds for gtca.
You can buy Peter’s charity single for £5.00 at
DAVID VICOUNT PRICE - The Exchange House Music Club
If you appreciate great jazz music, or you want to learn a little bit more about it, then check out the talented David Price.
David and his wife, Maralyn (correct spelling I checked!) popped in to tell me about The Exchange House Music Club and David’s many years as one of the country’s leading banjo players.
David has worked all over the world and with some of the top musicians in the jazz field.
The couple purchased the Exchange House on Blackmore Road in December last year and set to work rejuvenating the place.
Built in 1954, it was a telephone exchange until the sixties but fell into disuse when exchanges were automated. The building is taking on a whole new life as a concert venue.
There is a mini concert room, complete with stage and lights. They host a variety of day and weekend courses mainly about jazz. Maralyn will be providing delicious traditional food as part of the courses, what more can you ask for, great music, good company and excellent home cooking.
You can find out further information on The Exchange House Music Club or telephone 01277 824 616
Nigel now has a regular slot on Eat my Lunch reviewing The Gazette with me each week. We pick out a few stories and discuss. Bollards. Seriously, Crown Street Bollards are an issue. Removed, then returned but definitely needed.
I should have been in the picture (Gazette) but I was feeling a bit too fat (i.e. like the Hindenburg) so I decided to keep away. I sung on Crown Street during their Christmas Promotions evening. It was very well attend and the Mayor was also there. David Worrall (Drive Time 3pm – 7pm) popped down to give a few tunes too. Ed Wellman (Sunday Breakfast 7am – 10am) was also on hand to pass my glass of Rose. Thanks Ed.
Ben will be doing a new feature (twice monthly) no show name as yet as I am working on it. Ben will be taking us through his journey of life, going out, friends and what its like to be 21 (I cant remember that far back myself). Ben is a smashing lad and a bit of a hottie (he wont mind me saying that) so webcam will be glued to Ben.
I post a Question of the Day on Facebook and get some hilarious and often too rude to broadcast answers. If you want to view them add me as a friend on Facebook and get involved, it’s always good fun.
Don’t forget you can also email radio@ to answer the question of the day too.
(it’s my new nickname at the station, WARD!, it gets shouted at me, prefer that to old bag anyday).

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