Saturday 19 September 2020, 16:01 GMT

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Diva David
 Could it be called over-the-top? I think maybe so. He picks holes in the smallest of things and still somehow manages to come out the other side with the majority feeling sorry for him, somehow. I do think he has a point concerning some things though, such as his shower; there honestly is no need whatsoever for a shower that refuses to heat up! But, saying that, I'm sure David must be able to know how to turn the heating on, he can't be that much of a diva that he has people do it for him, can he?! Having said that, Dean has just spilt David's big secret of the song he used to dance to in a chicken suit - 'Diva' by Dana International from the ever popular Eurovision in 1998, at least it's comforting to know they won and his favourite song is not a reject from the contest, although for that he cannot be forgiven.
 I know I mock David for his ranting but there is one thing I'd just like to ask dear reader; what is it with Christmas before December? I absolutely refuse to have anything to do with the brilliance that is Christmas before the day I can open that first window in my Advent Calender. Surely it would make more sense for Christmas to be dragged out, selfishly celebrating and eating without guilt, rather than spending months selflessly spending money and time on others (however harsh that sounds) for it only to be over within a mere two days. I will leave you now with the overly-repeated question of 'has everyone forgotten the true meaning of Christmas?', combined with the creepy image of a tiny blonde child with massive blue eyes boring into yours questioning your motives.
Same ol' songs
    Unique or over played by David? As you may have heard around 3:45pm every Tuesday I admittedly do have my own little rant over David's music choice, his perhaps second favourite song could be Ollie Murs' 'Please Don't Let Me Go'. It's not that I have anything against Ollie Murs, or the song, in fact I quite like it, but there's only so many times a person can listen to those five words without wanting to let him go, right? I've been nagging him for a while for a bit of Timie Tempah, now I know it could be called a bit controversial in terms of those listeners who like him and those who don't, but I read yesterday of how chrouses from the first concert of his tour could be heard from a mile away as they were being screamed by fans, now that's saying something. I've seen Tinie twice now live and I must say he was by far the best of both concerts I went to where there were plenty of other big names were playing. I have so much admiration for this man, who only made it big in March this year with his first single 'Pass Out', which won the Best Song award at the MOBO's. There's so much I could say, but there's only so much praise you can give one person in one blog and I'm sure David would like a share of it. I am glad David has started playing new songs now, the playlist was never bad, I just get easily bored and it does not help when I'm pretty sure that David only plays certain songs when I'm here and no others, for Mike plays different ones. So whether new or old, good or bad, whatever your view is, song choices on Drive are all down to David - God help us.

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