Saturday 26 September 2020, 09:48 GMT

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EAT MY LUNCH hmmmmm yes please

The week started off with a couple of classic lines from Ms Emma Sweeney (who always makes me laugh). She has a dry sense of humour and tune in to hear it 7am – 11am Monday – Friday. Oh and stay around from 11am – 2pm to listen to me afterwards! I must put up some of our little hand over chats.

I really enjoyed interviewing Mark and Ben (brothers) from The Suburbians, a local band.  The music is brilliant, the attitude is excellent and I think I have had another band of greatness in the studio. It’s always exciting when you meet bands that you just know are destined for greatness. Very talented lads and totally charming.
You can hear the full interview by clicking here.
For more information check out their website

Mark from the Suburbians gave George a CD and said how interesting his radio talk was. George talked about the first depression (1930’ s) and how this affected his family and especially his father. George also talks about his time in action during the war. I asked why he suddenly skipped over his time in Europe and he said that he didn’t like to talk about it as he lost so many of his friends.
George may say he’s not up to date with computer but… George always makes sure that the webcam is on him as his sister tunes in.
Funny moment is when I popped to the loo next door and said to George keep talking, I came back and George was talking into the microphone. I said George what you doing, he said, talking on air. I said no I didn’t mean it like that. We did have a giggle. I wonder what George was saying, hope it was nice!
Went out to dinner with George and few friends last week, George is 92, don’t know why I have to explain that but he’s just so spritely for his age. He had a beer or two, a great curry and then back to Georges for more nattering. Excellent evening.
You can catch George with his regular feature Georges World on Friday 3rd December at 11.30am.

I tried to pick out a few stories in the Brentwood Gazette. The one about council tax being frozen. We started to discuss it then went onto numerous subjects and then got the giggles. This often happens when Nigel appears in the studio.
I suddenly look up and see Nigel banging into the window outside, a bit like Dustin Hoffman in The Graduate (the scene where he bangs on the glass to stop her getting married).
He is currently growing a Moooostache for charity reasons, I must admit he has the Robert Redford look about him.

Well it has to be TAKE THAT! I downloaded the album over the weekend and I love it. The track I think is a real smasher is What Do you Want from Me which is sung by Mark Owen, very poignant. I know what I want from you Mark Owen but I dont think you would be prepared to give it to me.
Then contact and come and join me for a nice sarnie, a cup of tea and a natter live on air.

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