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What's happening at lunch

ED COATES (singer/songwriter)
My guest in the studio today was local singer songwriter Ed Coates.
Ed played two live tracks in the studio which will be uploaded shortly along with the interview.
Another great local talent.
To buy a copy of Ed’s album visit his website
Suzanne and Caroline from the Holly Trees PTA team come in tomorrow to do a few minutes about the upcoming Christmas Fayre on the 4th December
Lots of stalls, Father Christmas and much much more so don’t miss it.
Saturday 4 December 2010, 12.00pm - 3.00pm
Christmas Fayre
Holly Trees Primary School
Santa will be there, lots of stalls for all. Mulled wine for the adults.
Vaughan Williams Way, Off Crescent Road, Brentwood.
For more information visit
West Ham legend Tony Cottee popped in during my show or a chat with Paul Golder. Tony was at the Brentwood Library to open the Charity Christmas Card Shop.
I was asked on air to take a picture of Tony and Paul to which I replied “only if I get my picture taken with Tony”. I have the picture on my fridge. I have never had my arm around a football player before and can only describe it as one of the happier moments of my radio broadcasting days. Fit is the word!
Tony was at the Brentwood Library to open the Charity Christmas Card Shop.
As you may know, I pose a Question of the Day on Facebook every evening. It gives people a chance to get involved with the show and I receive some brilliant, funny and inappropriate for broadcast responses. Here are some of this week’s favs.
QUESTION OF THE DAY (FRIDAY) Its Friday! Gillian McKeith smuggled salt, pepper, garlic, tea bags in her knickers to the I'm a Celerbrity camp. What have you smuggled or what item do you dream of smuggling?
o        Chris - Beer into our hotel during a week long history field trip to France. The teachers were waking up with hang overs in the mornings though, and I'm sure they knew what was going on.
Denise - Ooh let me think! I used to go into the cinema and go down to the ladies loo and open the door and smuggle my friends in! Those were the days!
Mel - Wine and beer into youth hostels that had drinking bans. Drank it and didn't get caught either time!
Joanne - I hid a hip flask of jack Daniels on my person at a work Xmas meal once to save some money and drink on the cheap! Was a good night as ate off the cheap menu, drank my own booze and saved the money for the night out afterwards!
Natalie - I’ve done that but with a volvic bottle and gin!! was fine until i left it on the stairs and Daniella at 4 years old asked for the water bottle!! Love the thinking though!! Pub spirit measures are rubbish and cost so much 100ml for the same price as a litre from tesco!! x
Natalie - i also hide sweets in my handbag going into cinema.. I dont want pick and mix at 3 quid a quarter when i can get 3 bags of 100g for a quid at tesco.... x
Natalie  ps. i would never put stuff in my pants no matter hohatsw desperate you may think it is, thats just wrong!!!!
Richard - I have a story about being refused permission to take shamrock into Australia for St Patrick's day. I could dream of smuggling you home with me in January :)
Carl - I smuggled a 4 pint pitcher out of The Borderline with Lee and Steve, also Richard , does that count?? If not I've smuggled 19 tonnes of electronic equipment into Uzbekhistan in a small truck, can you top that??
It’s still TAKE THAT with Mark Owen singing what you want from me (I can think of several things I would like from Mark).
Have a good week!

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