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In The Mix - 15th January 2010

The Brit awards The Brit award nominations where announced this week and Rapper Tinie Tempah led the field with 4 nominations in categories, Male Solo Artist, Breakthrough Act, Best Single with ‘Pass Out’ and Album of the Year with ‘Disc-Overy’. Male acts dominated the nominations this year in opposition to last year where the females were most popular. Other male nominations include; Cee Lo Green for International Male Solo Artist, Bruno Mars for International Breakthrough Act , Eminem for International Album Plus many others. The females however involved in the awards include Ellie Goulding and Cheryl Cole, who each have 2 nominations each and Essex singer Jessie J has already been announced as the winner of the Critics' Choice award identifying up-and-coming talent. There are 5 females who could win the British Female Solo Artist award including Paloma faith and there has been many nominations for British Single which include many X-factor artists such as Alexandra Burke, Matt Cardle and Olly Murs. The award itself has had a bit of a make over with a re designed by Vivienne Westwood. This year The Brit awards have moved and the winners will be announced at the O2 Arena in London on February 15 and hosted by comedian James Corden. Birthday Celebrations Local singer Pixie Lott and Hip-hip singer Jamila celerbrated their birthdays this week. Pixie turning 20 on Wednesday and Jamelia turning 30 on Tuesday they decided to celebrate their birthdays by going to a club in London, however they may have had an earlier night then planned when the club got evacuated. A man had broken into a store nearby an, and was threatening to blow himself up. However The early end to the night did not seem to upset Jamelia who tweeted: "Thanks to (my friends) Movida and all my amazing rebels for the best party... It was the BOMB (pun intended)." Policemen later arrested the man and no-one was injured. Cliff and Jackson 5 According to reports soon we may be hearing a collaboration of Cliff Richard and the Jackson 5. The 70-year-old singer of will apparently be hooking up with Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Randy for his new album featuring a collection of Motown covers. A source has said "Cliff and members of the Jackson 5 could be one of the collaborations for the album. Hopefully they'll be recording something in the spring," It's thought that David Gest who is a close friend to the Jackson family, is producing the album for Richard. If the project comes off, the band would have a combined age of over 300. Twitter Row A heated conversation between singer Lily Allen and TV personality Piers Morgan has recently taken place on the social networking site Twitter. When Lily was asked to walk in the footsteps of Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell and Gordan Bown by appearing on Pier’s ‘Life Stories’ TV series she said she would only do it if he gave some money to charity. The Twitter row started when the 25-year-old singer revealed she had been asked to appear on the show. Piers then tweeted back calling her a "big wuss" if she did not appear with Lily replying, "I am many things, a wuss is definitely not one of them." Later, the newly engaged Lily who sadly recently suffered her second miscarriage wrote that the only way she would go on Piers' show was to raise money for charity ."I'd do it for a million for SANDS," she wrote. Piers replied, "A million what? If it's Chilean pesos, we have a deal," but he then later praised Lily's charitable idea. However, Piers also made a dig at Lily saying he was about to interview George Clooney about his campaigning in the Sudan, and he did not want any money but that he would get ITV to make a substantial five-figure donation. Lily replied, "Those are my terms. I've got no interest in coming on your show, you've been asking me for years." Never one to be beaten, Piers replied, "You'll change your mind. They always do." Marilyn Monroe The iconic star Marilyn Monroe died at the age of 36 in the 60’s but it seems like she is making a screen comeback after the rights to her image were snapped up by a branding expert. In a multi-million dollar deal last week a man called Jamie Salter purchased her “name a likeness” and now plans to use high-tech imaging technology to revive the tragic actress onto big screen. According to reports Salter bought the rights from Anna Strasberg, whose late husband, actor Lee Strasberg, was Monroe's acting teacher and beneficiary of her will. The exact sum he paid has not been disclosed. Salter, who also manages Bob Marley's image through his Authentic Brands firm, is convinced he can make Marilyn more popular than ever. He says, "Why does Lindsay Lohan aspire to be Marilyn Monroe? Why does Lady Gaga aspire to be Marilyn Monroe? The reason is that she is an iconic personality, she has great style, she is just simply elegant. She stands for glamour, and sex appeal, and - remember this - she proves that size doesn't matter. She is voluptuous, a real woman. "The younger generation will fall in love with her the way we fell in love." Famous Actors turn down Roles I never really realised how big of a decision actors have when deciding weather to accept a role or not in a film or programme. They have to think about if the script is right for them, if the director and co-stars are talented enough and most of all think to how popular the film will be and if the audiences will like it. Well believe it or not many famous actors have turned town some pretty famous roles such as… Bruce Willis Romantic film 'Ghost' stars the late Patrick Swayze but the role was first offered to Action Hero Brue Willis. Maybe realising his mistake, Willis then eventually went on to play a member of the undead in the classic 'The Sixth Sense'. Julia Roberts She may have had 'Pretty Woman', but Julia Roberts has tuned down quite a few films including 'Sleepless in Seattle', 'Shakespeare in Love' and 'While You Were Sleeping'. While her loss would eventually be Meg Ryan, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sandra Bullock's gain, it wasn't just romance films she was turning down – she also decided to pass on erotic thriller 'Basic Instinct'. David Schwimmer In the late 90’s when 'Friends' was still going strong David Schwimmer was offered the pat of J in the film 'Men in Black' headed Schwimmer's way. However, Schwimmer decided it wasn't for him, allowing Will Smith a chance to take not only the role but pretty much announce to the world that he was a genuine movie star. Will Smith However Will Smith himself has turned down some Role such as one of the main characters in the Matrix Neo who was in the end played by Keanu Reeves. Smith explained why he turned down the role by saying You know, 'The Matrix' is a difficult concept to pitch. In the pitch, I just didn’t see it. I watched Keanu’s performance – and very rarely do I say this – but I would have messed it up. I would have absolutely messed up 'The Matrix'. At that point I wasn’t smart enough as an actor to let the movie be. Whereas Keanu was smart enough to just let it be. Let the movie and the director tell the story, and don’t try and perform every moment.” Smith wasn’t the only one not to understand the script either. Sean Connery was offered the part of Morpheus but again he couldn’t get his head around the story.

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