Sunday 7 March 2021, 08:01 GMT

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A whole lot of Shakin (Stevens) going on!

So, the New Year started off with a rotten cold and throat infection which had the first week of my New Year shows sounding remarkably like Barry White with a cockney accent. “oh baby… let’s get up the apple n pears”.
  (me with my new reading glasses on)
That blasted sore throat has not healed and we are now in week four. Doesn’t it seem like Christmas was just ages ago or is that me? Mind you, I only put the Christmas tree back in the loft on Friday afternoon (I was in a state of undress at the time). I did have a vision of me falling back down the loft ladder and being found by an ambulance crew – I won’t tell you were the Christmas tree landed.
On the Guest front it has been a little bit quiet but then I spend so much time talking to myself you may wonder why I bother with guests at all! However, that all changed last week as I interview Shakin Stevens!
What a pleasure to interview Shakin Stevens. Legend. We spoke about his up and coming 30th Anniversary Tour, his early years, Mat Lucas and David Wallams, Glastonbury and much more. If you missed it you can click here to hear it again. For details on how to get tickets for his up and coming shows:-
GEORGE ADEY (he’s 92 you know)
George has a regular slot on Phoenix 98FM (every other Friday). This week Carlos (the postman, not the Jackal) rang in to ask a few questions of George. George always has the webcam on him during our chats because he has “fans”. Seriously, he does. George is always good fun, sharp, smart, witty and a wily old fox to boot.
NIGEL CLARKE (Hair Company, Crown Street)
I look forward to Nigel making an appearance in the station. As I often remark on air, I look up to see Nigel banging up against the glass. We sometimes review the Gazette and sometimes we just talk. This week, we discussed new hair styles, products and off air I swore like a trouper (lucky for me the fader was down).
Dancing Prawns
Before I went on air last Tuesday I purchased some strong flu medication. Lucky for me, for a change, I decided to read the label before gulping down the green liquid. I said in big letters not to mix with medication I was already taking. Who knows what could have resulted in that three hour broadcast. Maybe I might have sounded good (shaaa uppp).
My consumption of flu medication must have hit a high or rather I did. When I woke up I saw a prawn on my bedside cabinet which was dancing. I kid you not. It danced for about ten seconds and vanished behind my glass of water. I had eaten prawns earlier that evening; it was either a hallucination or a ghost prawn. I don’t know which option is worse?
30TH January 2011 Brentwood Theatre. This is a great night of music from local bands and tickets are 10.00 each. We had an excellent turn out last year and I am hoping for the same this year. Ash Lewis, Ed Coates, Tall Dark Friend, Emma Sweeny, Roz Ure, Ed Wellman, and Headline act, 3rd Rock Revolution, all very talented and all playing sets on the night Tickets are available from the Brentwood Theatre 01277 200 305 or direct from Phoenix 98FM.
If you want to be a guest in the studio or a telephone interview, got something you want locals to hear about, then contact me at locals schools, bands, actors, writers, you run a club, involved in the local community then I want to hear from you!

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