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In The Mix - 19th February 2011

Paris Hilton’s week Paris Hilton has had a pretty good week this week. Firstly she was spoilt rotten by her boyfriend, Cy Waits on Valentines day on Sunday with to expensive gifts and a romantic meal at BOA Steakhouse in Los Angeles. Paris didn’t take long to show off about her day, and who wouldn’t! She tweeted: "Just got home from a romantic Valentine's Day dinner with my love. He gave me the most beautiful ruby and diamond necklace. Loves it." She then added: "I love Valentine's Day! So romantic and sweet! :) Hope everyone is having a lovely evening. xo Paris." She has also previously expressed how happy she is at the moment by saying "Life is great at the moment! I have my new show, 'The World According To Paris', starting soon; things with my boyfriend are great; and now I have a new weekly workout, which I love. A big event of her life took place this week as well it was her 30th Birthday, and she defiantly made sure she celebrated it good by having not 1, not 2 but 3 parties! One being in New York and one of the others a Moulin Rouge theme in LA which I read included a petting zoo with a lynx, porcupine, squirrel monkey, sloth, and an owl! Wow these famous people have it all! Simon Cowell’s Game Show Simon Cowell usually specialises in finding new talent, and managing very popular bands however he seems to be turning a corner as it has been reported he is now decided to produce a lottery-style game show. The show will be presented by none other than the Geordie duo Ant and Dec and it will give contestants a chance to win up to £1 million. I sometimes wonder on these game shows where does the money come from but Simon’s idea I think is pretty clever. Around 17,000 potential competitors will pay around £1 for a ticket to join the show in Wembley Arena. Then they will then be entered into a draw to win the right to compete in live challenges in the hope of landing the top prize. A source has said "It is a big gamble for Simon as it could be telly's biggest ever turkey if it goes wrong. This will be one of the most ambitious TV shows ever staged." At first Simon had plans for a Saturday music Top Of The Pops-style series however ITV turned it down because a similar format was already being developed, but they did accept Simon’s second idea, so keep a look out for that! JLS Impress girls Girls, wouldn’t you love it if a guy spent all his money on a limousine ride to impress you, wouldn’t you love it if it was JLS band member Oritse Williams? Well one lucky lady had that experience as recently Oritse has spoken about how he had to persuade the limo driver to give him a discount as he didn’t have enough money. He has said "I had no money at the time but still wanted to do something very special for this girl who I thought I was in love with at the time - it was puppy love. So I went to this limousine place and told the guy I only had £200, which I had been saving for months. He just looked at me and said I was crazy, but I eventually convinced him and managed to take my girl for a limo tour of London for the night." Isn’t that romantic and very nice of the driver, but Oritse isn't the only member of JLS who has some impressive romantic moves. His bandmate JB once organised a secret break for an ex-girlfriend, he said: "I surprised my girlfriend at the time completely. She was so organised and on the ball it was such a task and a half getting everything sorted, like getting her passport and bag packed without her knowing. I remember picking her up at university and then heading straight for the Eurostar. She was so surprised!" Well they can do that for me anyday and I’m sure many of you girls out there agree. Gok Wan Waxwork Famous stylist guru Gok Wan is usually the one dressing modals and now he has one that he can practise his own clothing on. A modal of the Fashion Fix host has been unveiled at the Liverpool One shopping centre and is one of the figures which has been made for the new branch for Madame Tussauds, the famous waxwork place. Several other celebrities will be made for the Madame Tussauds Blackpool attraction, which opens on April 21st. It is the 12th branch to open around the world and the first in the UK outside London. There is a chance to grab a free pass to the new Blackpool centre to see these modals, by getting a picture of yourself with Gok’ Waxwork modal so if you want the chance to get that pass, get down to Liverpool and get a picture with Gok! Jessie J Jessie J is ready to "take on" Beyonce, Pink and Katy Perry have become very big names in the music business and Essex singer Jessie J who is quite new on the scene has said she is ready to ‘take on’ all three of them. Jessie’s confidence came after she wont the Critics Choice Award at the Brit’s this week which was held at London's The O2 venue. She has said : "I am proud to say that I am British and I am proud to say that I am ready to take on the likes of Pink and Beyonce and Katy Perry and really make a name for British icons. I know it is a big thing to say but I am ready for it. Whether it happens or not I believe I can push boundaries. As long as I am happy and I am doing me then I can't make any mistakes really." However, on the other hand the Do it Like a Dude singer says she'd also be more than willing to work with those she sees as competition, adding she'd "love" to join Beyonce on stage at Britain's Glastonbury Festival "if she'd let her". Jessie is also working hard and is a busy lady as she says "I'm doing every festival this year - Glastonbury, Reading, I'm booked for everything. My next day off is in 2013! I've worked really hard for the last six years and it's great for the critics to see that and to see that I've been working hard and to be number one for two weeks and to have the respect of my fans. "Now I'm just making sure that I don't presume and I always work hard and I'm here working my butt off to take British music global." So we should expect big things from this lady as she seems to have the drive to reach her goals!

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