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What to do in the garden - Third Week of March

What to do in the garden - Third Week of March?

Andrew Babicz | March 13, 2011 at 11:47 am | Categories: March | URL:

The Flower Garden

  • Sprinkle granular fertiliser round roses, shrubs and along the base of hedges
  • Sow sweet peas into deep pots
  • Transplant evergreen shrubs and conifers to new sites
  • Place grow-through plant supports over tall-growing perennials, like delphiniums
  • Divide spreading clumps of perennials, such as phlox and campanula, by cutting off rooted outer sections and transplanting them elsewhere

The Fruit and Vegetable Garden

  • Sow peas in lengths of guttering under cover, so you can plant out seedlings in an instant row
  • Plant out onion sets in rows, spacing them about 10-15cm apart
  • Carefully dig away grass or plants growing close to the stems of fruit trees to reduce competition
  • Feed cabbages and other brassicas with pelleted chicken manure or another nitrogen-rich fertiliser
  • Spray new leaves of peaches and nectarines with copper fungicide to prevent peach leaf curl
  • Sow seeds of the following crops outside or under cloches: carrots, beetroot, broad beans, salad onions, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, spinach, leeks, lettuce, rocket, coriander, mixed salad or stir fry leaves, radish, turnip, peas, lettuce and Swiss chard

In The Greenhouse

  • Plant canna lilies in pots, and leave in a warm position
  • Sow strawberry seeds, including alpine varieties
  • Visit garden centres to buy young bedding plants that can be grown on to a larger size under glass
  • Cut off dead hippeastrum flowers, but allow the green stalk to die down naturally
  • Raise tender climbers from seed, such as morning glory, black-eyed Susan (Thunbergia), Chilean glory flower (Eccremocarpus) and rhodochiton
  • Clean the leaves of evergreen houseplants by wiping them with a damp cloth
  • Sow seeds of greenhouse crops, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, chillis, aubergines and okra

Generally Around The Garden

  • Replenish gravel and grit mulches around alpine plants
  • Put slug barrier products around the tender new shoots of hostas and perennials
  • Dig plenty of compost into heavy clay soils
  • Cut down marginal plants around ponds, and mulch with compost or bark
  • Once house bulb displays have finished flowering, plant them outside and water in well with a liquid feed
  • Mow paths through areas of long grass and meadows to avoid walking on bulbs and wildflowers

Happy gardening

See you next week.



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