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Body Talk - 14th August

Change of programme tonight. Not children's fitness as advertised, but healthy eating. Thank you to Julia Barrett who stepped in at the last minute to come and talk about this fascinating subject. Julia has been involved in catering and healthy eating for many years and recently ran a course on healthy eating for school children.

It might seem striaght forward to follow the government of five portions of fruit and veg a day, but how do we get our kids to eat them? Julia talked us through what could be an average day. Orange juice for breakfast, with cereal and a handful of berries on top. 2 portions . For lunch some carrot or celery sticks to accompany your regular sandwich, maybe even switch to salad, followed by an apple or banana. Another two portions. Evening meal, with peas, beans etc., followed by fruit salad. Five portions more than covered. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of thought, which is often the problem. We don't have time to plan our eating because our lives are so busy, but we'd all function much better if we took the time to eat more healthily.

Julia's favourite foods at the moment are blueberries to keep your skin looking clear and fresh, and goji berries to keep your system functioning well. Avocados are another good one for a clear skin, not just from the inside, but rub the skin on your face for a great face pack, leaving your skin soft and supple.

Get the whole family involved in a healthy eating plan. Children follow by example so if you're munching away on chocolate and crisps through the evening, chances are that's what your kids will be doing too. Try going for more healthy snacks, such as fruit, or keep some salad sticks in the fridge. Nuts are also a good snack alternative, not too many though or you'll start piling on the pounds.

If you have any healthy eating ideas or questions then contact me and I can pass your comments on to Julia.



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