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playlists for last 4 shows in october

8th October 2007

Does 4:20 Akinetón Retard Akineton Ao Vivo
Gesolreut 6:14 Soft Machine Six    
The Black Tango Suite (Part 2) 1:43 Louise Avenue Let's Take One More    
The Road To Rome 3:10 PFS 279    
Si Seuls Les Mots Pouvaient 3:47 Patricia Dallio L'encre Des Voix Secrètes
Ruins 11:48 Henry Cow Unrest    
Scherzo # C 4:36 Zaar Zaar    
Rêve Cyclique 5:48 Univers Zero Rhythmix    
Trophallaxie 5:50 Spaced Out Eponymus II
La Rage 3:39 Jerome Langlois Molignak    
Andhowandë 4:46 Jean Pascal Boffo Rituel    
Lama 5:11 Il Berlione Il Berlione    
The Man Without Qualities 9:01 Hasse Bruniusson Flying Food Circus  
We Unearth The Last Book Of Mister Personalith, And Its Consequences 2:26 Hamster Theatre The Public Execution Of Mister Personality    
Underwater Song 7:00 Gilgamesh Another Fine Tune You've Got Me Into    
While Growing My Hair 3:58 Egg Egg    
Dittatura Della Mediocrita 8:41 Deus Ex Machina De Republica    
Drewslate 7:30 The Claudia Quintet Semi-Formal    
Can't Be Long Now/Francoise/For Richard/Warlock 14:18 Caravan If I Could Do It All Over Again, I'd Do It All Over You

15th October 2007

Back To The Beginning 6:29 Bill Bruford Feels Good To Me
Recomenzando 3:34 Banda Elastica Banda Elastica II    
Telegraph 5:00 Krakatoa We Are The Rowboats    
Daddylonglegz 5:09 miRthkon The Illusion Of Joy    
Breakdown 6:27 Moving Gelatine Plates Removing
Les deux bras d'un coup 3:25 Patricia Dallio Que personne ne bouge...    
Voir Les Étoiles Á Midi 4:49 Patricia Dallio Procession
So Fast Peter 3:23 Patricia Dallio L'encre Des Voix Secrètes      
Mettiamo Il Caso Che 15:41 Picchio Dal Pozzo Abbiamo Tutti I Suoi Problemi    
Loolit II 8:27 Potemkine Triton    
Pig 4:58 PolySoft Tribute to Soft Machine
Eraglubeidolem 11:02 Pienza Ethnorkestra Indiens d'Europe    
Liriïk Necronomicus Kanht 5:02 Magma Attahk Kobah 6:32 Magma Magma Live  
No 'alf Measures 17:20 Matching Mole March    
Toujours Plus a l'Est 5:28 Univers Zero Crawling Wind    
Dangerfish 4:34 Work Rubber Cage    

22nd October 2007

Not Even Wrong 7:58 A Triggering Myth The Remedy of Abstraction
Dense 12:23 Univers Zero Ceux du Dehors
Happy War Holiday 8:05 Sympozion Kundabuffer
Furax 6:33 Spaced Out Spaced Out
Sever The Seven 8:54 Spaced Out Eponymus II
The Floating World 14:51 Soft Machine Floating World Live
In The Sickbay 1:54 Slapp Happy & Henry Cow Desperate Straights
Bad Alchemy 2:59 Slapp Happy & Henry Cow Desperate Straights
Minareten 8:19 Samla Mammas Manna Maltid
Brivichuse 3:41 Rouge Ciel Rouge Ciel
Sea Song 6:20 Robert Wyatt Rock Bottom
More Than All the Stars in the Sky 3:53 Richard Leo Johnson The Legend of Vernon McAlister
The Music Box(Unwound) 4:29 Rascal Reporters Purple Entrapment
Horsebones 2:38 Muffins Open City    
Suspicion 7:27 Miriodor Miriodor
Trout 6:21 Machine And The Synergetic Nuts Leap Second Neutral    
Room Thirteen 6:43 Lydia Domancich Chambre 13    
Spaces Not Notes 6:43 Hatfield & The North Hattitude 

29th October 2007

Magma - Magma
Il Berlione - Il Berlione
Zamla Mammaz Manna - Family Cracks
Mr. Sirius - Dirge
Stella Vander - D'epreuves D'Amour
Slap Happy & Henry Cow - Desperate Straights
Time of Orchids - Namesake Caution
Cerebus Effect - Dark Matter
Phlox - rebimine + Voltimine
Coste Apetrea - Rites of Passage
Art Zoyd - Nosferatu
Pienza Ethnorkestra - Indiens d'europe
Bone - Uses Wrist Grab
Magma - Wurdah Itah
Phlox - rebimine + Voltimine
Cerebus Effect - Dark Matter
Samla Mammas Manna - Klossa Knapitatet
Henry Cow - Leg End  

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