Wednesday 23 June 2021, 17:08 GMT

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Andy Hubbard

Andy presents the 70s Rock Show every Tuesday night between 10pm and midnight.

All about Andy ...

Favourite bands/artists

I like so much different music from so many different genres, from jazz (especially the Jazz Funk Tuesdays show here on Phoenix FM) to disco and from soul to rock and all stops in between, but sticking to the 70s and rock in particular (of course). Being a teenager at the time, my first were the likes of T Rex, Sweet and Slade, moving into 10cc, Cockney Rebel, Supertramp, Roxy Music, Queen and Steely Dan, but then catching up with Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, Genesis and Yes, before ending the decade with music from The Police, The Jam & and Blondie, etc.

Favourite singles/tracks

Almost impossible to choose, simply because I like so much, but Police - Roxanne stood out for me personally.

Favourite albums

Sheet Music by 10cc, Crime Of The Century by Supertramp, The Royal Scam by Steely Dan, Selling England By The Pound by Genesis and Fragile by Yes are some that stick with me, but my favourite would be Furthermore by Shaun Phillips - little known, but a brilliantly crafted two sides of vinyl ...

Favourite books

I like reading, particularly on holiday, but my all-time favourite and most read one must be The Book of British Hit Singles :-)

Favourite TV and films

Always James Bond, for the escapism, glamour, girls, heroics and great baddies! But I also remember how good Jaws was at the time (and still is), plus the fun of Star Wars and the fear of Alien (can it be from that long ago?) Can't remember too much TV from the 70's worth mentioning ...

One other thing I love

My wife ... and holidays (with her!)

One thing I really hate

People who disregard music and donít give it a chance, just because itís not what theyíre into ...

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