Wednesday 23 June 2021, 16:27 GMT

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Michelle Ward

So excited to be part of the Phoenix 98FM team! I received free gingerbread biscuits last week because I said I wanted biscuits live on air. This week I am going to request a holiday to the Maldives, then sit back and wait for the tickets to come flying inů attached to a pig :-)

I have been singing for years and currently play in The One Sugar Club; it's a soul, funk, groove band. Raydn & Dee Hunter, Andrew Bruce, Richard Boniface and moi! We all hail from Essex and will start gigging again in September. Besides the band I also sing solo (I have amplification or else you wouldn't hear me) is my own website, currently updating or let me be honest, trying to put it together. Music is my passion. My whole family, (Dad, Nieces, cat) are all-musical. It's a bit like The Von Trapps without the Lederhosen.

I have great friends and a lovely family, I am single, I don't drink or smoke, I am 5ft 9 and weigh ... oh sorry, thought I was filling in my application for In that case I am 5ft 1 and weigh far too much, I don't drink/smoke/gamble or accidentally set off a fire extinguisher when I lived in Dublin five years ago.

I really enjoy going out dancing, although people who have see me dance would prefer that I stayed at home. I love to have dinner parties for friends, with live music. I adore going to the beach - English Seaside is the best.

I hope to provide you all with good listening, interesting guests and if you have any ideas, views or news for the show get in touch.

Love and peace


All about Michelle ...

Favourite bands/artists

I love most music with the exception of country music; I have no idea why. I like cowboy hats, although wouldn't wear one out.

In no particular order here are some artists I listen to: One Sugar Club, Jamiroquai, Incognito, Kellis, Kate Bush, Opeth, Dee Hunter, The Fantastics, Brand New Heavies, Joey Negro, 80's soul/funk, jazz classics, Mishka, Getz Gilberto, Foo Fighters, Paul Weller, The Beatles, Afro Cuban All Stars, Stevie Wonder, Motown, Michael Jackson and Shostakovich. Varied music from soul, pop, disco, rock, classical, Latin American, folk and back again!

Favourite singles/tracks

Ain't No Sunshine.

Favourite albums

Too many, I buy an album and then play it over and over until I never want to hear it again for several years.

Favourite books

Anything slash, horror, forensic, biographies and cooking! With that in mind, don't come to my house for dinner!

Favourite TV and films

Family Guy, American Dad (yeah I know what a big kid!), House, Two and a Half Men. I hate watching Soaps and avoid them! I avoid people who watch Soaps.

Laurel and Hardy films. Beetlejuice (Jump in the Line brilliant song), AI (thought it was a comedy and I cried my eyes out, that rotten teddy bear), Blades of Glory (because its men in tights), most films staring Ben Stiller because he makes me laugh, The Cable Guy (classic), love SCI fi films. Have not been to a Star Trek convention but there is still time!

One other thing I love

Making people happy.

One thing I really hate

Tarragon. It's a herb to make your food taste foul.

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